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Monday, July 17 2006

The Who Know Who They Are and From Whence They Came

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Warner revisits the Live at Leeds legacy courtesy of the Who.

Tuesday, June 13 2006

Prime Location: How Sitcom Settings Add to the Fun

As British sitcoms move higher on the endangered species list, a small number of successful programs are relying on geographic familiarity to attract (and maintain) UK viewers.

Monday, May 22 2006

Passion as Fashion? Rock Meets Religion on Manchester’s Streets

Manchester united around something other than soccer on Good Friday, as rock, religion and theatre came together for a unique presentation of Christ's crucifixion.

Wednesday, April 19 2006

Designs on Democracy

On The Great British Design Quest a new sort of made-for-TV entertainment/culture show, the best that Britain has to offer is at the mercy of the masses.

Sunday, March 19 2006

Get on the Scene, Now

Leeds, and the nearby cities of Sheffield and Wakefield, are part of a musical renaissance. Warner talks with members of two bands from the area, each with contrasting views on this new 'scene'.

Thursday, September 29 2005

Still Howling: A Poem for Then and Now

If Elvis Presley fuelled a visceral revolution, Allen Ginsberg lit the blue-touch paper on an intellectual one.

Tuesday, August 30 2005

Buccaneers Leave Manchester Disunited

In an effort to add to their respective toy chests, moguls are getting their kicks out of soccer by turning the proud pastime into a sport of corporate acquisition.

Sunday, July 31 2005

Danger Ahead? Proceed at Your Own Risk

Dark humour and troubling times cross paths as a harbinger of things to come.

Thursday, June 23 2005

Media Mainstream? There’s Still an Alternative

All the news that's fit to print -- at least fit to print outside the publishing mainstream -- the alternative newspaper is alive and well on both sides of the pond.

Monday, May 23 2005

We Can Meet Heroes

Hero worship and chance encounters can pay dividends... but you'd best know the Clash from the Pistols.

Wednesday, May 4 2005

Sitting in the Shadows of Giants

Lessons learned from a squash club spanking and visit to Maggie's flat help an intrepid journalist stand tall and be intimidated no more.

Wednesday, March 23 2005

Return to Genre? Beware Misleading Signs

An exploration into musical genre-bending; things are not always as they sound.

Wednesday, February 16 2005

Pop’s Same Name Fame Games

Is it imitation? Is it flattery? Is it postmodern homage when a band's name is a play on another's that has gone, most famously, before?

Wednesday, January 19 2005

Past Pal Bears New Year Present

The UK never really had that rather endearing US tradition surrounding yearbooks, proms and 'Class of' reunions. UK state schools did not encourage the alumni culture that the American educational system so enthusiastically sustains. Friends Reunited may be changing that.

Wednesday, December 15 2004

Moving Home: Two Transatlantic Tales

Warner converses with two reverse migration musicians, Preston Reed and Gabriel Minnikin, who have moved away from North America to live and work in more ancient lands.

Wednesday, December 1 2004

Radio Head? Ex-pirate Peel Abandons Ship

John Peel retained a fondness for music of all periods. The unearthing of undiscovered performers and undersung genres appeared to be his unceasing motivation.

Wednesday, October 27 2004

Now He’s 64: A Late Lennon Landmark

Sixty-four-year-olds aren't what they used to be, and if John Lennon were still alive, he would probably not be living the quaint parlour scene played out in McCartney's ditty.

Wednesday, September 29 2004

Mercury’s Message: Low Key, High Quality

The Mercury Prize helps spread the gospel of talented UK musicians beyond the confines of their homeland, without over-the-top, Grammy-like showboating.

Wednesday, August 25 2004

Politicians: Beware the Power of Rock

When a giant of the rock industry like Bruce Springsteen weighs in with his tuppence worth, tens of thousands of ordinary voters feel they are being offered the benefit of impartial common sense from a source they can trust.

Wednesday, July 28 2004

Better Red Than Dead

In comedy, wherein nothing is sacred, where do we draw the line between witty repartee and savage satire?

Wednesday, June 23 2004

That Old Devil Called Dance

Dancing, in so many situations, represents something that is threatening to civilisation's natural order: the uncoiling of our trussed-up desires played out in public, a triumph of the visceral over the cerebral, the unwelcomed victory of the hip over the head.

Wednesday, May 26 2004

Almost Cooke’s Century: A Transatlantic Pioneer Moves On

A tribute to Alistair Cooke and a recollection of his influence on Warner's life.

Wednesday, April 28 2004

Put Another Nickel In

John Lennon's Swiss-made, KB Discomatic can now be seen and heard with this TV programme and CD, and it's a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, March 31 2004

No Sikth Please, We’re British

What happens when high culture meets low, high art meets popular, establishment meets street, funded meets fundless? At Fuse, it's a culture clash.

Wednesday, March 10 2004

Is Women’s Work Finally Done?

Britain is nonetheless witnessing the steady rise of a collection of youthful female challengers who might just catch the attention of American ears before the year is out.

Wednesday, January 28 2004

Media Mayhem in England

Those latterday Citizen Kanes -- continue to believe that a policy of chop and change, axe and launch, re-think, re-design and rally, is the best means to hold our attention.

Wednesday, January 7 2004

Get Naked? Why Not Let It Be?

Has anyone the right to take an existing document and resurrect it in this manner?

Wednesday, November 12 2003

Jailhouse Pop

Nothing adds a more notable notch to your studded belt, nothing sharpens the spurs on your blue-suede shoes better, than a bit of disorderly disrespect for the social code.

Tuesday, October 7 2003

Ready, Steady, Goth

Just as the sounds on the dance floor borrow from Detroit and Trenchtown, Bombay and Cape Town, so those who groove to them take their sartorial vision, their individual style, from something closer to multiculture than subculture.

Thursday, September 11 2003

Laughing Matters?

Have we maybe now entered that post-modern world where sophisticated audiences can 'read' the levels of a joke without being corrupted by the main text?

Thursday, August 14 2003

Cleveland Heights, A City of Culture and Contrasts

. . . in the midst of difference -- wealth and education here, poverty and despair just over there -- Americans retain an essential respect for the symbols of the city, the physical pillars of the nation.

Wednesday, July 9 2003

Skiffle and the English “Elvis”

Anglo Visions -- Skiffle and the English 'Elvis' -- Suffice it to say that without Donegan's 'Rock Island Line', it is highly unlikely that the greatest band of all would ever have emerged.

Wednesday, June 18 2003

Right and Wrongs: The Return of the Anti-Nazi League

This conjunction, a Prime Minister with a falling rating and a spineless Parliamentary opposition, has again wedged the door ajar for the British National Party, the current incarnation of the National Front.

Wednesday, May 7 2003

Canon Fodder?

You can count your life not through T.S. Eliot's coffee spoons, but through crucial sax solos and critical Scorcese sequences.

Wednesday, April 9 2003

Rock in the Academy

Few are stunted or stultified by the need to think about and analyse where rock or reggae or rave fits into the cultural landscape.

Wednesday, March 12 2003

Genesis and Revelations: From the Midlands to Manhattan

(I)t soon became apparent that the Megsons took a slightly less conventional approach to life.

Wednesday, February 12 2003

Rock and Reality: How TV and Pop Got It Together

The young starlets rocketed from obscurity to celebrity overnight also seem likely to return to obscurity, carrying the embarrassing ignominy of their brief TV fame, with them.

Wednesday, January 8 2003

Death Row: A View from the Cheap Seats

. . .when you personally pass Jimi's age or John's, or Buddy's or Elvis', you realise just how fleetingly they basked in the limelight, and how briefly the candle of your own existence flairs then flickers.

Wednesday, November 6 2002

California Dreaming: US Band Plans British Invasion

He was seeking advice on how an unknown Yankee combo could approach the mysteries of this tiny island and not leave with their tail between their legs.

Wednesday, October 16 2002

Rock Writing and Sports Writing: Aesthetics vs. Athletics

(Richard Williams) felt, when he hung up his pop pen, that he'd almost run out of words to meaningfully apply to music.

Wednesday, September 11 2002

No Smoke Without Fear

I hope, John, they do have celestial ashtrays in the next place.

Wednesday, August 14 2002

Titanic Efforts, But UK Acts Fail to Bridge Great Divide

Once our groups struck the Union Jack at the summit; now they stumble among the loose scree of the lower slopes.

Wednesday, July 10 2002

Lad Mags and Dangerous, You Know: The Risk That Rolling Stone Takes

Anglo Visions -- Lad Mags and Dangerous, You Know: The Risk That Rolling Stone Takes -- In the hands of the new breed of editors, style and gloss, surface and glamour, beat everything: bigger, deeper, harder, harsher matters cower in the shadow of the flash, the superficial, the vacuous, the ephemerally amusing.

Wednesday, June 12 2002

Pop Goes the Palace but Pistols Remain in Exil

The chances of Osbourne biting the head off a live corgi -- the toy dog that has been the hearthside symbol of the latterday Windsors -- were maybe remote, but it is worth remembering that other members of the invited bill have not always toed the line themselves.

Wednesday, May 15 2002

The Haçienda Must Be Re-filmed

Here is a man who, almost single-handedly, wrested the UK rock crown from Liverpool . . . and made Manchester . . . the undisputed heavyweight of British sub-cultural credibility.

Wednesday, April 10 2002

Major setback: Is time up for EMI?

. . . but since the de-merger from Thorn in 1996, it has looked a rather lonely whale in a sea of increasingly hungry sharks.

Tuesday, March 12 2002

Centre of Attraction? How a UK Pop Dream Died

Yet the project raises rather difficult memories of a similar scheme that Britain tried to get off the ground . . .

Wednesday, February 13 2002

Friends and NME

Now that the Woodstock clan had been joined by the Live Aid generation, rock had almost picked up its pipe and slippers.

Wednesday, January 9 2002

Lies, damned lies, and end of year polls

The old Broadway show gag comes to mind, 'No one liked it, only the public'.

Tuesday, November 20 2001

Harcourt, McRae and T-T: The Return of the Neurotic Boy Outside

These Neurotic Boy Outsiders have coped in different ways with the poisoned chalice of their own, often media-shaped image as restless, difficult and highly individual artists.

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Counterbalance: The Avalanches' 'Since I Left You'

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