Just Another Day in Africa

Wednesday, March 31 2004

Speaking Through an Interpreter

Pieter-Dirk Uys and his Mbeki puppet poke South African leadership in its tender spots.

Wednesday, January 14 2004

Above Disgrace: Nobel Laureate J.M. Coetzee

Are South African critics indeed displeased that Coetzee won, or is their kind of smarmy sensationalism going on, like a backhanded nod of national pride?

Wednesday, October 15 2003

African Diminuendo of a Classic Sound

I predicted that 10 years down the line, not only would this audience not be with us any longer, but neither would the music that they hear: not in Africa, at least.

Wednesday, September 17 2003

Tooting Her Horn

She was tempestuous, gluttonous, selfish and vulnerable: everything that an artist as genius is supposed to be.

Wednesday, August 20 2003

Dancing with Nothing but Heart

Through their performance art they have dealt with the legislation of sodomy, addressed the smoking of marijuana, contemplated being trained to behave in the world by learning the 'tricks' that society expects, and confronted homophobia and anti-Semitism.

Wednesday, July 16 2003

Crouching Synagogue, Hidden Witness

I question the value of my presence there, as a white woman amongst young black people who historically shouldn't want to be near me or my kind.

Wednesday, June 18 2003

White Like Me

Murray refuses to pussyfoot around politically correct representation of ethnic diversity.

Wednesday, May 28 2003

Daydreams While Balancing Atop a Narrow Fence

If my Jewish identity was more easily recognisable, and I took a slightly faulty step in social protocols, would I also be fleeing on shot-out tires?

Thursday, April 17 2003

Phoenix in My Backyard

Ziabuya shows the community that there is something special and incredible growing in the city's belly.

Thursday, February 20 2003

Kentridge Matters

With his conceptual experiments, collaborative projects and performed artworks, Kentridge has succeeded in awaking everyone to the notion of classical narrative, fabulous music, the South African gesammtkunstwerk . . .

Wednesday, January 15 2003

In no-man’s land I got lost

In Afrikaner alternative music and poetry, Johannes Kerkorrel was like the Bob Dylan of white South Africa . . .

Wednesday, October 30 2002

Joan Miró: An African Experience

. . . improvisation with materials that represent throwaway elements of our day-to-day existence is par for the course, both visually and economically.

Wednesday, October 16 2002

Johnny Clegg:  A South African Story

He was the first vocal artist to use Nelson Mandela's name in lyrics, but South Africans only got to hear them after the new democracy had come about.

Wednesday, July 10 2002

Colour It Wild :  David Goldblatt Turns Over a Colourful Leaf, in His Seventies

The tones that the sun inflicts on our spaces are often neither rich nor filled with gentle gradations.

Wednesday, June 5 2002

Still Standing: The Sharpeville Six

. . . The previous government gave killers the golden handshake and the present government gave them amnesty . . .

Wednesday, May 1 2002

Apartheid:  Now in Museum Form

Paralleling concepts like apartheid with the Holocaust . . . has become a bit of a knee-jerk analogy that is often deeply fashionable and very disturbing . . .

Wednesday, April 3 2002

The Umbrella: A South African cultural weapon?

During apartheid, if a controversial South African artist went out of the country and 'made it' by gaining acknowledgement from 'real' galleries Out There before returning, suddenly the former pariah would magically become prodigal son and worthy citizen.

Wednesday, January 30 2002

Who Let the Dogs Out?

. . . instinctively, you know to steel yourself for what waits on the other side of this curtain.

Tuesday, November 13 2001

Dividing the Horses from the Donkeys

(W)hile we have to remain philosophical about the projects that begin like race horses and end like donkeys, the spark is there for all manner of animal to pick up some speed.

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