Pomo Audit

Wednesday, March 19 2003

Bigmouth Strikes Again: Eight Mistakes that Music Critics Make

We rock critics should have leathery skins and sore throbbing eardrums and calloused typing fingers, and we should accept little in return but the possibility of more great new tunes coming our way.

Tuesday, January 14 2003

On Fire Like Old Dry Garbage

He was an over-saturated, pungent, weed-choked swamp of words.

Wednesday, November 6 2002

Can You Dig It? Yes I Can!

This was a band that thrived despite being jeered and pissed on by critics, hipsters, jazzbos, even its own ex-members.

Wednesday, September 18 2002

Hello Cruel World: Blogs and Tunes One Year Later

. . . (S)houldn't we be celebrating our collective vain, ironical stupidity just to bug that humorless sobersides Osama bin Laden and his fellow fanatics?

Wednesday, August 7 2002

A Random Walk Down Pirate Street

Indeed, American book pirates of yesteryear are pretty much the same as Asian tape pirates today. The captains of industry hate 'em, but why else do you think damn near every citizen of Jakarta knows the lyrics to Don McLean's 'American Pie'?

Wednesday, May 22 2002

WRECKTHEPLACEFANTASTIC: A Metaphysics of the Mosh Pit

When a mosh pit is right-on, you experience one of the most energetic, crazed, communal forms of dancing ever invented.

Wednesday, May 1 2002

Do You Love Me? Three Metal Memoirs

Now the worm has turned, and I suspect that the success of 'The Osbournes', Andrew WK, and those gargling perennials Aerosmith will out us all as the closet metalheads we truly are.

Wednesday, March 6 2002

Maim That Tune: The Moldy Peaches and the Apotheosis of Lo-Fi

Good lo-fi bands know that they have an ace tune on their hands when they can stumble drunkenly over it and it still rocks the box.

//Mixed media

'Wanted' Is a Spaghetti Western That Will Leave You Wanting

// Short Ends and Leader

"The charisma of Giuliano Gemma and some stellar action sequences can't save this sub-par spaghetti western.

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