True Tales of the New South

Thursday, December 26 2002

Narrative Journeys

I see it as the globalization of the Southern experience.

Wednesday, July 24 2002

Hollering Therapy

Confederate soldiers utilized the Rebel Yell to put fear into the hearts and souls of the Union Army. It also made them happy, I suspect, to holler in the woods.

Wednesday, June 26 2002

The Pantego Mud Run: A Fourth of July Event

Many have described the Mud Run as Heaven on Earth for folks who love beer, tattoos, tube tops, and tobacco

Wednesday, May 29 2002

Touring the South

Agri-tourism. It seems people will pay good money to drive a tractor, weed collards, and pick cotton.

Tuesday, April 23 2002

Southern Yard Art

. . . the inevitable chemical breakdown of the rubber components of tractor tires . . . combined with the unfortunate fading of red plastic in both artificial begonias and roses, brought about a sense of urgency in the group's ultimate mission . . .

Wednesday, March 27 2002

Am I a Southerner?

Today's Southerner plays whatever card is needed to win the hand.

Wednesday, March 6 2002

The New American Jingoism

Then, when the US and other countries amassed enough Jingo Credits, they would be allowed to unfurl their flags.

Wednesday, January 9 2002

The Deer Camp

The Deer Camp is about 20 miles into the next county, five miles down a winding stretch of dirt road, and smack in the middle of 200 acres of forest and swamp.

Wednesday, December 19 2001

Missing Walter

. . . I paid my stay-at-home-PTA-homeroom-chairperson-every-freakin-fieldtrip-chaperone-mother dues . . .


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