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Tuesday, November 25 2008

Separate But Very Equal: The (Other) Important Albums of 1968

Day Two: The last quintet of choices show how the blues reclaimed its basis for a dozen hard rock hymns, argued for the importance of following one's singer/songwriter muse, and proved that not every significant sound coming out of the UK was Beatle-based.

Thursday, November 20 2008

Birthday: The Beatles’ White Album 40th Anniversary

Side Four: The potential breakthrough and the impending breakup, the final side celebrates the Beatles' artistic experimentation -- and the creative contradictions that signaled their eventual end.

Thursday, October 30 2008

Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary

On the last day of our week long celebration of Night of the Living Dead’s 40th anniversary, PopMatters offers six essays that delve on the subjective appreciation of Romero’s landmark film. In strong contrast to the previous installments of this collection, these articles offer a more personal perspective of the everlasting influence of Night of the Living Dead.

Tuesday, October 14 2008

Cinema Qua Non - Indispensable DVDs

What if you were asked to narrow your notions of good and great down to one… single… item? A sole symbol of who you are. PopMatters staffers pick one indispensable DVD, and the 30 responses echo something very private and personal about the writers answering.

Thursday, September 11 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: The PopMatters Fall 2008 Movie Preview

PopMatters highlights 80 fall films all this week. Up today, December: Just like the end of an inspiring speech that may or may not succeed in making its point, these final four weeks before 2009 tend to define or defeat the entire awards season purpose.

Thursday, July 31 2008

DETOURS - The Strangest Albums From the Biggest Artists

With DETOURS, the PopMatters staff is celebrating the strange, bizarre, lovely, and funny albums that have emerged from an artist's desire to try something different. Some of these detours have lead to modern-day classics. Some have lead to laugh-inducing commercial disasters. And others ... others are just plain weird.

Sunday, June 22 2008

Primavera Sound 2008

With no mud to be found, the Mediterranean close by, and an air-conditioned, indoor stage with actual audience seating, Primavera Sound seems like festival heaven. Yet the pendulum still swung wildly for our writers at Spain’s premier musical festival.

Tuesday, June 17 2008

Secondhand Wonderland: The World of the Used Book

Secondhand books and the emporiums they inhabit affect book lovers in different ways. In this four-part PopMatters special section, we step inside the world of secondhand books and demonstrate the diversity of the experiences it contains.

Thursday, May 1 2008

The PopMatters Summer 2008 Movie Preview

PopMatters looks at each month that makes up this yearly caravan of summer moviegoing, picking out the winners and wastes of time. Today: Remembrances of Summers Past: 40 Years of Movie Memories: Highlights from Gibron's popcorn moviegoing history.

Wednesday, March 19 2008

PopMatters @ SXSW 2008

PopMatters wraps up its 2008 SXSW coverage with three pieces: Justin Follin's literary Austin/SXSW road journal, "Gutterpunks Gone Gonzo", Kevin Pearson's A to Z of the fest, and Jennifer Kelly's tips for enjoying SXSW.

Thursday, January 24 2008

PopMatters Picks: The Best TV, Film, and DVD of 2007

It was the year of the behemoth box set, the multi-disc triumph that tried to give long suffering fans everything their demanding little digital hearts ever desired. Here are PopMatters' 30 picks for the best DVDs of the year.

Sunday, January 13 2008

Best Music Scribing Awards 2007

Cultural wars, hard news dies hard and a female voice of a generation, Gross presents the sixth annual edition of his picks for the year's best music writing sans PopMatters.

Sunday, January 6 2008

PopMatters Picks: The Best (and Worst) in Show 2007

In the past 12 months, we have gone to house shows, club shows, theater shows, arena shows. Here's the best and the worst 2007 had to offer.

Thursday, December 20 2007

PopMatters Picks: The Best Music of 2007

60 best albums | 50 best singles | 20 best re-issues | genre bests. Watch for our picks for best film, TV, DVDs, books and events starting next Monday.

Monday, October 22 2007

PopMatters @ CMJ 2007

PopMatters' three-day CMJ wrap-up concludes with our picks for Belles of the Ball, artists who rose to the CMJ challenge and offered the best performances of the entire event.

Sunday, October 7 2007

PopMatters Picks: The Best of TV on DVD

Monday, 8 October: Part 1 - All Time Classics
Tuesday, 9 October: Part 2 - Outsider Influences
Wednesday, 10 October: Part 3 - The New Networks
Thursday, 11 October: Part 4 - Feasts from the Fringe
Friday, 12 October: Part 5 - Beyond the Envelope
Monday, 22 October: TV That Should Be on DVD

Wednesday, September 12 2007

Country’s Top 100: All-Time Best Songs

Here's a tribute to all of those artists and the many others who shaped country music -- a list of the 100 best country songs of all time. Today: 20-1...

Monday, September 3 2007

The PopMatters Fall 2007 Movie Preview

In December, fantasy will battle fact, the past will reach into the present, and as one upcoming title suggests, there will be blood... lots and lots of blood. Here is the last of what awaits us in darkened theatres this season.

Fall 2007 Television Preview

Maureen Ryan offers up three takes on the new TV season: a prime-time primer on the new fall shows, a look at few of fall's TV trends in the form of nerds and rich people, and how to build the perfect TV show.

Wednesday, July 18 2007

The End of the Potterverse

On the eve of the publication of the final Harry Potter book this Saturday, we offer a multitude of essays on the Harry Potter phenomenon from some of America's best book critics.

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