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Thursday, October 22 2009

PopMatters @ 10

It is this very week that PopMatters passes a milestone and celebrates our 10th Anniversary in existence: ten years of interviews, reviews, thorough features, and smart, analytical cultural commentary. From all walks of life with a wide sampling of global perspectives, PopMatters writers have spent the last ten years picking apart just about every aspect of popular culture and how it fits in -- and reflects -- with our modern-day society.

Thursday, September 24 2009

Rest in Pieces: Eulogies of the Past, Present, and Future

Just visualize yours for a moment. Just listen to the radio that announces their death. Stop for a minute, and image if you can a world without that person, no more interviews, no more books, no more living legend. Perhaps you’ve never met your character in person, and yet you’ve pulled your vehicle over to the shoulder, crippled with existential dread, furious and suffocating, the inevitable suddenly announced to the world as reality. Can you feel that pang of grief for those beloved figures now gone? Can you remember that afternoon drive when the reporter broke the news, breaking your heart in the process?

Thursday, September 10 2009

Feast or Famine: The 2009 PopMatters Fall Movie Preview

Today: December 2009: The big guns -- James Cameron, Clint Eastwood, Peter Jackson, Terrence Malik -- are still putting the finishing touches on their over the top treats. As usual, it looks like the Hollywood heavyweights are once again saving some of the best for last.

Thursday, August 27 2009

Hellboy Sweet Sixteen

PopMatters offers an in-depth cultural analysis of the Hellboy phenomenon. Today: "The Devil You Know: Mignola's Hellboy in the Chapel of Moloch and the Old Debate" AND "The Horror of Science and Magic in Hellboy".

Thursday, August 20 2009

Casablanca Records: Play It Again

Thirty-five years ago, KISS and Parliament debuted on Casablanca, a label that influenced generations of music listeners and defined an era in popular music. Join PopMatters and more than 50 artists and executives for our exclusive, five-part oral history of Casablanca.

Thursday, July 30 2009

100 Essential Male Film Performances

Part 1: Life Support
Part 2: The Dark Side
Part 3: The Classics You Should Have Seen By Now
Part 4: From Page to Screen
Part 5: Under the Radar

Thursday, July 23 2009

Pixelated Brains and New Media

In Pixelated Brains, a four-part section spanning June and July, we consider: R WE UNABL 2 THNK & COMMUNIC8 N MENINGFL WYZ NE MORE?

Monday, June 29 2009

The Edge of Change: The Most Memorable Albums of 1999

PopMatters turns 10 this year and to celebrate we are looking back at the popular music that defined the year of our birth. [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5]

Thursday, June 4 2009

Let’s Go Crazy: Celebrating 25 Years of Purple Rain

Some 25 years after it was released, PopMatters proudly celebrates Purple Rain in its entirety, looking at the album and film from every angle.

Wednesday, April 29 2009

Summer of Same: The 2009 PopMatters Summer Movie Preview

It will be a Summer of Same: same old franchises seeing multi-million dollar updates; same old actors in rote roles; directors digging deep into their cinematic bags of tricks, hoping they can find meaning out of one more mainstream paycheck. [May | June | July | August]

Tuesday, March 31 2009

Wham!‘s “Make It Big” Turns 25

An April Fool's Day special: When Wham! named its second record Make It Big, is was a statement of purpose and a prophecy. Wham! reshaped our understanding of what a pop song could achieve and produced an album that became the definitive musical statement of a generation.

Thursday, March 26 2009

Decade-Dense: The 60 Most Memorable Films of 1999

On this final day of PopMatters' 1999 overview, awards season hype gives way to pure acting prowess and definitive directorial flair. Day Five: Toy Story 2 to Titus (November - December 1999)

Sunday, February 22 2009

100 Essential Female Film Performances

PopMatters concludes our 100 Best Female Film Performances feature with extremely insightful, generous anecdotes from Liv Ullmann about three of the performances on this list, one of her personal choices, and a once-in-a-lifetime addendum by the glorious Bergman super trouper Bibi Andersson herself.

Thursday, January 29 2009

Calling Out Around the World: Motown Turns 50

PopMatters concludes our week-long celebration of Motown at 50 with Diane Leach's essay on living in the Detroit of the '80s in What It Was Like and a couple more album gems with Needles in the Haystack.

Wednesday, January 21 2009

Slipped Discs 2008

From AmpLive to Xiu Xiu, PopMatters presents our two-part selection of Slipped Discs, 80 great albums that didn’t quite make our year-end list in 2008, but which our writers thought belonged there. [Part 1 | Part 2]

Thursday, January 15 2009

PopMatters Picks: The Best TV, Film, and DVD of 2008

PopMatters concludes our week-long special highlighting the best TV, film and DVD of the past year with the 30 Best Films of 2008 and Best Complexities in 2008.

Thursday, January 8 2009

Best Music Scribing Awards 2008

The sloppy arrogance and search for ideas in the music scribing world. Gross presents the seventh annual edition of his picks for the year's best music writing sans PopMatters.

Tuesday, January 6 2009

PopMatters Picks: Best (and Worst) in Show 2008

During the past 12 months, PopMatters writers have been turned away from shows due to torrential rain, stood next to flaming cymbals, and stepped out of their comfort zones all in the name of objective reporting. Here are the best and worst musical events of 2008.

Thursday, December 18 2008

PopMatters Picks: The Best Music of 2008

PopMatters presents our best music of 2008, highlighted by the Best 60 Albums of 2008 and the Best 50 Singles of 2008, plus our picks across many musical genres. We're now on publishing break until the new year. Happy holidays.

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