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Hans Rollmann is a writer and editor based in Eastern Canada. He's a columnist, writer and opinions editor with the online news magazine TheIndependent.ca. His work has appeared in a range of other publications both print and online, from Briarpatch Magazine to Feral Feminisms. In addition to a background in radio-broadcasting, union organizing and archaeology, he's currently completing a PhD in Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies in Toronto. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or @hansnf on Twitter.

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Personal Morality, Not Political Ideology: 'Doctor Who' and the Cold War | 27 May 2016 // 5:01 AM

How does a 2,000-year-old (give or take a few centuries) Gallifreyan Time Lord engage with the very human politics of mid-20th century class war?

The Empress Of Impossible Dreams | 16 Nov 2015 // 9:30 PM

Lorely Rodriguez (a.k.a. Empress Of) is a no-bullshit pop music storyteller for our modern age, and talks to PopMatters about the numerous cultural influences of her debut full-length Me.


Remembering (and Reliving) the Bombing of Hiroshima With Keiji Nakazawa's 'Barefoot Gen' | 3 Aug 2017 // 9:30 PM

The seminal manga of Hiroshima's atomic bombing and aftermath remains an essential reminder of the horrors of war and atomic bombs.

Small Beauty, Big Ideas: A Conversation with Lambda Award Winner Jia Qing Wilson-Yang | 1 Aug 2017 // 9:00 PM

‘Best Transgender Fiction’ winner’s work challenges Can-Lit and the representation of identity.


Whatever Happened to American Idealism? | 16 Jun 2017 // 6:30 AM

Young Radicals reminds us that idealism and progressive radicalism are not terms of insult; they are core American values that America needs desperately to rediscover.

'The Production of Money': How to Break the Bankers and Put Our Broken Economy Back Together | 13 Jun 2017 // 6:00 AM

There’s plenty of money floating around in the world, but it’s all in the wrong places.

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U2's 'The Joshua Tree' Tour Reminds the Audience of their Politics

// Notes from the Road

"The Joshua Tree tour highlights U2's classic album with an epic and unforgettable new experience.

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