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Sean Fennell is a music, TV, film and book critic for PopMatters. He recently graduated from Shippensburg University with a B.A. in Communications and Print Journalism. He also blogs about movies @ and you can follow him on twitter @SeanCudiFennell

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'Mr. Robot' Is the Only Show for the Here and Now | 17 Sep 2015 // 1:56 AM

After just a single season Mr.Robot has established itself as the show most in touch with the new wave of television drama.


Mercy Street: Season 1, Episode 4 - "The Belle Alliance" | 10 Feb 2016 // 5:15 AM

Mercy Street hits its stride with the various and earned twists and turns of its fourth episode.

Downton Abbey: Season 6, Episode 6 | 10 Feb 2016 // 3:20 AM

While this week's plots run in a predictable fashion, there's still fun to be had in the Abbey.


Mr. Robot: Episode 10 - "zer0_day.avi" | 9 Sep 2015 // 3:12 AM

Both the world and Elliot fall apart, as the long-awaited E Corp hack finally comes to fruition.

Mr. Robot: Episode 9 - "m1rror1ng.qt" | 21 Aug 2015 // 3:00 AM

Despite some Fight Club similarities, 'm1rror1ng.qt' proves that Mr. Robot stands on its own as a compelling, brilliant series.

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Hope and Despair in Video Games

// Moving Pixels

"There are moments in games that capture the feud waged in ourselves between hope and despair.

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