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Andrew Doscas is a pop culture analyst who seeks to explore the intrinsic meaning of all medium that make up our popular culture. He tries to make sense of society by using Batman Forever, The Who and the 1993-1994 New York Knicks as makeshift paradigms for the entire universe. In his spare time he writes for his own blog at where he tries to defend One Hot Minute and explain why most musicians eventually go insane.

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Crisis and Continuity: Reliving the Superhero Flicks of 2014 | 31 Dec 2014 // 3:00 AM

Superhero cinema had a watershed year in 2014, where it saw its fully postmodern realization. Films like X-Men: Days of Future Past not only interrogate genre tropes; they also upend them.

The Future Is Now, and It Is Odd: A Retrospective on Hip-hop in the '00s | 23 Sep 2014 // 8:14 PM

The historical unfolding of hip-hop bears a strong similarity to that of literature. With that lineage in mind, it's easy to see why the '00s found hip-hop taking on its postmodern stage.


Led Zeppelin: In Through the Out Door (Deluxe Edition) | 22 Sep 2015 // 1:57 AM

Led Zeppelin's final album proves to have more symbolic value than actual musical value.

Led Zeppelin: Presence (Deluxe Edition) | 9 Sep 2015 // 8:05 PM

Led Zeppelin's most underappreciated album gets the remastered treatment.


Bonzo Redux | 7 Aug 2015 // 4:04 AM

What if John Bonham hadn't died?

20 Songs from the '90s That Time Forgot | 15 Jul 2015 // 3:02 AM

Rather than dig through the discount CD bin, give the tunes from this reminiscence of lost '90s singles a spin.

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In Motion: On the Emptiness of Progress

// Moving Pixels

"Nils Pihl calls it, "Newtonian engagement", that is, when "an engaged player will remain engaged until acted upon by an outside force". That's "progress".

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