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Alex Franquelli is a freelance journalist and writer. He focuses on Mongolia and North-East Asian politics and ethnomusicology. Find him on twitter @alexfranquelli

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Andy Stott: Too Many Voices | 26 Jul 2016 // 9:10 PM

This is everything but a claustrophobic piece of sonic art. On the contrary, this is Stott at his best, a composer whose futuristic music is well-rooted in today’s world.

Denovali Festival Returns to London With Drones, Waves and a Range of Frequencies | 24 Apr 2016 // 10:00 PM

Two evenings of experimental and daring music transport festival-goers at St John-at-Hackney and Kings Place.


Beyond the Redshift: Is This the End for Cult of Luna? | 1 May 2014 // 3:51 AM

Swedish post-metallers bid us farewell. Maybe.


Andy Stott to Preview New Music at Denovali Festival in London This Weekend | 13 Apr 2016 // 10:43 AM

Manchester producer Andy Stott to preview forthcoming release at Denovali Festival, in London, on April 15th.

London's Denovali Festival Kicks Off April 15th | 8 Apr 2016 // 3:57 AM

The fourth edition of the experimental music festival will take place in London in mid-April.

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