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Gregory L. Reece, Ph.D. is the author of five books, most recently 'Creatures of the Night: In Search of Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves and Demons'. He also reads a lot of comic books. Read more about him and his work at and follow him on Twitter at @Gregorylreece.

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To Live in The World of Edena -- With an Orange-Haired Tyrant | 16 Jan 2017 // 8:30 PM

Moebius' The World of Edena is a masterpiece that's fitting for reintroduction in our troubled times.

Who's the Real Winner in 'Superman vs Muhammad Ali'? | 6 Jun 2016 // 3:45 AM

Superman is earnest and virtuous; he is the world's finest. Ali's braggadocio and poetry and strength of character are on display; he is the greatest.


Hugo Gernsback and Perversity and Optimism at the Dawn of Science Fiction | 20 Dec 2016 // 2:30 AM

Grant Wythoff's new collection of Hugo Gernsback's writings is an indispensable volume for students of science fiction.

Biography of X-Men Comics Writer Chris Claremont Is Weighed Down With Words | 23 Nov 2016 // 4:00 AM

Claremont's long-form X-Men story, told over 186 issues, proves he's the master of the form. Jason Powell's new book offers an exhaustive issue-by-issue commentary.

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Stone Dead: Murder and Myth in 'Medousa'

// Short Ends and Leader

"A wry tale which takes in Greek mythology, punk rock and influences of American suspense-drama, this is an effective and curious thriller about myth and obsession.

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