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In addition to PopMatters, Ian King is a contributor to The Line of Best Fit, and has written for Nylon, Slice Magazine, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Wondering Sound, Redefine, Stereo Subversion, Line - A Journal, and other places. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Appetite for Definition: An Encyclopedia of Rock Music Genres, scheduled for publication by HarperCollins in 2018. Visit at: www.ianfking.com, @dearjerksmusic, and ian_f_king.

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The Best Emo Albums of 2014 | 11 Dec 2014 // 3:02 AM

Like emo's first wave, today's revival has taken issue with the category itself. But concerns over labels shouldn't get in the way of appreciating the connections between the subgenre's up-and-comers and legacy acts that reconvened like Y2K never happened.


Tara Jane O'Neil: Tara Jane O'Neil | 17 Apr 2017 // 3:52 AM

Tara Jane O’Neil's latest could be the beginning of a fruitful Laurel Canyon phase or another stop on her singular trail.

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Damage and Joy | 10 Apr 2017 // 4:11 AM

The Jesus and Mary Chain become their own context on their first new album in forever.


A Crooked and Unseen Highway: lowercase - "You're a King" | 6 Jul 2015 // 6:00 AM

Like too many great bands, Lowercase have never received their full due. Ragged, deeply, sometimes even awkwardly, personal music like theirs typically becomes the property of small but passionate fanbases.

A Crooked and Unseen Highway: lowercase - "Rare Anger" | 29 Jun 2015 // 6:45 AM

Phantasmagorical stories, startling screams, and a visceral combustion of tension comprise Kill the Lights' penultimate tune, "Rare Anger".

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