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Matt Mazur
Image: Matt Mazur
PopMatters Contributing Editor

Matt Mazur is a Brooklyn-based film publicist who works on campaigns for documentaries, independent and foreign language films. A die-hard cinephile and lover of pop culture, he spends his free time writing about what he is not working on. Follow him on Twitter @Matt_Mazur


Sunday, May 11 2014

Don't Call It a Comeback: Tori Amos on Her Elegant 'Unrepentant Geraldines'

In a year when '90s staples like Beck and Neneh Cherry are delivering records of substance, Amos is delivering yet another quiet storm. But is it in fact the "comeback" some want to make it?

Tuesday, January 28 2014

A Langeducation: 10 Essential Jessica Lange Scenes

Furious smokers, farm wives, iconic theater roles, women on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and a small truckload of little gold statues. Obviously, we are counting down Jessica Lange's 10 greatest scenes.

Sunday, August 4 2013

A Walk with Love and Death: The 'Essential' Courtney Love Cobain

One of the most notorious icons in pop culture talks exclusively with PopMatters about shedding scales to create her signature style of performance, codes of silence at movie star tennis brunches, and how a very famous actress once slipped her a mickey at the Russian Tea Room.

Thursday, October 4 2012

Tori Amos - "Evolution of a Song: “Pancake” (theme and variations)

Tori again re-invented “Pancake” as a full-on rock song, complete with an assertive electric guitar layer added to an even more amped up original trio arrangement for piano, bass and drums.

Tuesday, October 2 2012

Tori Amos - Evolution of a Song: “Suede” (theme and variations)

“[On the 2011 Night of Hunters Tour] “Suede” grabbed me by the hand,” Tori Amos said of the ever-changing tune that has been performed live in a number of variations since its 1999 debut on To Venus and Back.

Love, Tilda Style [24.Jun.10]
Kelley Polar [10.Jul.06]


Thursday, November 10 2011

Let's Get Physical: In Praise of Kay Kendall's Joie De Vivre

Kay Kendall's mercurial performances in George Cukor's Les Girls and Vincente Minnelli's The Reluctant Debutante highlight a romantic Englishwoman and her knack for graceful physical comedy.

Thursday, September 8 2011

Connect the Dots: Transgender Narratives in Pop Culture

Transgender representation in modern film, television, and literature blurs the lines of gender, class, race and sexuality, which is precisely why trans narratives are still considered dangerous.

Thursday, April 7 2011

Passing Me By: African American Women and 'Passing' As a Film Genre

Caught between two worlds, standing on a near-literal precipice with one foot in the African American experience, the other firmly in majority white culture, the protagonist of the passing film is confronted with an impossible choice: live in truth as a person of color or risk “passing” for white to gain societal advantage.

Wednesday, January 5 2011

Suffragette City's Best of 2010 Cinema

What’s black and white and blue all over? 2010’s finest films. Suffragette City investigates all of the major awards categories, offering up choices that are about as far a field from the Hollywood/Oscar PR machine as one can get!

Thursday, November 18 2010

Politicking with 'Made in Dagenham''s Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson discusses this season's premiere feminism-themed film about the real-life strike at the UK Ford plant that challenged and changed British laws on equal pay. Just how far have we come since 1968 in the fight for gender equality in the workplace?


Sunday, May 1 2011

The Film Versions of Gilbert & Sullivan's 'The Mikado' and 'Topsy-Turvy' Stand on Unequal Footing

Why was the 1939 Technicolor curio The Mikado not included as an extra on the far superior Mike Leigh extravaganza Topsy-Turvy? The earlier film is but a pale shadow of Leigh's meticulous artistic vision.

Wednesday, April 20 2011

'Senso' Is an Operatic Post-WWII Coda to a Story of War, Nationalism and Societal Decay

The erotic, intoxicating kiss of Luchino Visconti's Senso leaves the spectator wanting something more despite it's impressive cinematic size. Perhaps bigger is not always better in the world of film, after all...

Thursday, March 3 2011

'The Naked Kiss': Part Smoldering Temptress, Part Saint, Part Marlene Dietrich by Way of the Gutter

The Naked Kiss exists somewhere between Russ Meyer's exploitation flicks, Douglas Sirk's feminine melodramas, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder's savage assaults on contemporary sexual politics.

Tuesday, February 15 2011

'The Town' Is Ben Affleck's Best Work as Director, Writer and Actor

While not the Oscar bait it was being positioned as, The Town still remains an iron-clad testament to the surprising versatility of writer-director-star Ben Affleck.

Thursday, January 13 2011

'The Night of the Hunter' Is a Sophisticated, Artistic Depiction of Good vs. Evil

The Night of the Hunter's iconicity is largely due to its genre-defying dialectical properties that bring together the edgy with the earnest, a blending of styles ahead of its time.

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Tuesday, July 29 2014

Glory of the '80s: Tori Amos Premieres Y Kant Tori Read Rarities on Her Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

Never-played, requested for years, Amos shocked a Denver audience by debuting “Pirates” following a hilariously-costumed plea from fans.

Wednesday, June 25 2014

Tori Amos As a Jukebox: The 10 Songs Amos Should Cover

We've selected the top ten covers Tori Amos should consider performing on the US Leg of her Unrepentant Geraldines tour.

Wednesday, December 4 2013

Taking a Closer Look at the Music of 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'

Decca Records will release the film's official soundtrack and score this month.

Friday, October 4 2013

Brooklyn Musician Aris Goes to Church with Paula Cole

Aris, who released Twilight Revival in September, recently performed "I Believe in Love" with Grammy-winning artist Paula Cole to a packed house.

Friday, September 20 2013

Best Supporting Actress Smackdown: 1952

I was recently invited to join a group of panelists over at The Film Experience for a revival of Stinky LuLu's Supporting Actress Smackdown.

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