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A born and raised New Yorker with an unhealthy fondness for both Hepburns, Amos Posner attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, he studied film and worked for The Daily Cardinal, where he reviewed over 100 movies and won a Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists for best general column writing in his region. Returned to Manhattan, Amos works as a script reader in New York's independent film scene and spends most of his time waiting for John Cusack to return to making good movies.

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Rewarding the Oscar Also-Rans | 22 Feb 2007 // 2:00 PM

With the Academy's 'big dance' on the horizon, it's time to recognize those motion pictures and performances overlooked by Oscar's self-serving system of artistic determination.

The Invincible Stubbornness of Judi Dench | 6 Feb 2007 // 2:00 PM

Some consider her one of the grand dames of modern motion picture acting. But when it comes to her actual performances, this celebrated Oscar winner is decidedly one note.


Griffin & Phoenix | 3 Dec 2007 // 2:57 PM

It’s hard to tell whether first-time director Ed Stone set out to make the saddest romantic-comedy of all time or to see how much comic relief could be crammed into a maudlin drama.

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Playing to Lose: The Tragedy of 'This Is the Police'

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"Video gamers are not accustomed to playing to lose.

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