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Carl Wilson is a freelance writer based in Sheffield, UK. He's contributed to over a dozen edited collections on film and TV. Examining a variety of subjects, his work has recently appeared in books on Jane Austen, women screenwriters, world film locations (Havana, Toronto, and Vancouver), four volumes from the Directory of World Cinema series (on American independent and Hollywood cinema), and PopMatters' own book on Joss Whedon: After the Avengers, which you should probably check out now that we're all friends.

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'The Sopranos': Mythologizing the Gangster Genre | 9 Jan 2017 // 9:00 PM

From The Public Enemy through to Scorsese, the Sopranos family knows how to pick a bad example to follow.

New Additions to Netflix Worth Watching in August | 3 Aug 2016 // 9:00 PM

Forget summer sunshine, PopMatters offers you several reasons to stay in the air conditioned indoors with these Netflix offerings.


'Sherlock': "The Six Thatchers" Goes Beyond Disappointing Into Downright Nonsense | 9 Jan 2017 // 4:00 AM

Holmes spends "The Six Thatchers" hoping for a better plot to unravel, and I can't blame him.

'Richard III' Is Ian McKellen's Glorious Rendition of an Absolute Villain | 18 Jul 2016 // 8:15 PM

With Shakespeare's A Game of Thrones rendered into a Fascist version of '30s Britain, be careful whose side you're on.

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Home Culinary Exploration Has Never Been More Fervent

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"Ever wondered what the difference between cinnamon and cassia is? The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs will teach you.

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