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Jennifer studied Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Arizona where she received her MFA. Her fiction and poetry have appeared online and in print. She has also published articles on various pop-culture-related subjects, including the night she almost died to the music of 38 Special and her unhealthy teenage obsession with Duran Duran.

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Where's My Dylar?: Don DeLillo's White Noise | 8 Nov 2005 // 7:00 PM

DeLillo's 1985 masterpiece has its finger on the pulse of our most universal preoccupations.


'Something Wicked this Way Comes' Is Both Creepy and Confused | 30 Oct 2012 // 6:10 PM

Is Ray Bradbury's classic a horror film? Well, not exactly. Is it a family film? Nah, it has too many genuine scares for the kiddies. Is it perfect for Halloween? Well, Mr. Dark is delightfully wicked...

Putting the Bite Back into Snow White with 'Snow White and the Huntsman' | 23 Aug 2012 // 6:15 PM

After some bland remakes of this classic fairytale, it's nice to see the poison put back into Snow White's apple.


'Boo' Is a Beacon of Light in YA Literature | 9 Jun 2015 // 10:05 PM

Funny, uplifting, and poignant, Neil Smith's YA novel, Boo, is a fresh take on life, death, and friendship.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Relax, It's All in Your Mind | 27 Jan 2015 // 9:05 PM

Funny and direct, as well as useful and nurturing, Sane New World is a must read for anyone who has been up at night worrying about the future or regretting the past.


The 10 Best Songs About New Beginnings | 14 Jan 2015 // 6:07 AM

In honor of a new year, here is a list of songs that can help nudge even the idlest of souls off the couch in 2015.

The 10 Best Flaming Lips Sci-Fi Songs | 26 Nov 2014 // 4:30 AM

In honor of the band with the most U.F.O.s and robots, here are the ten best Flaming Lips songs based on all things science fiction.

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