J.R. Kinnard
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J.R. Kinnard is a film critic and aspiring screenwriter living in Seattle, Washington.

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'Dunkirk' Is a Masterpiece of Overwhelming Realism | 20 Jul 2017 // 6:00 AM

As uplifting as it is unrelenting, Christopher Nolan’s epic war thriller unites everyone in the most basic of objectives: survive to fight another day.

With 'Wish Upon' You Come for the Horror and Stay for the Comedy | 13 Jul 2017 // 5:00 AM

The clinical precision of John R. Leonetti’s simplistic horror premise is undermined by set pieces that resemble slapstick comedy routines.

//Mixed media

'Knee Deep' Has a Great Setting That Ruins the Game

// Moving Pixels

"Knee Deep's elaborate stage isn't meant to convey a sense of spatial reality, it's really just a mechanism for cool scene transitions. And boy are they cool.

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