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Deborah Krieger is a freelance arts/culture writer and future curator. She has written for The Mary Sue, Bust, Bitch Flicks, Hyperallergic, Whitehot Magazine, and more.

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David Sedaris' 'Theft By Finding', Truth or Elaboration, Matters Not | 17 May 2017 // 9:30 PM

David Sedaris' decades-spanning collection of his diary entries reveals the growth of one of America's most beloved humorists.


'Riverdale' Gets Good By Embracing Its Campy, Gothic Aesthetic | 14 May 2017 // 10:00 PM

Despite my initial dislike of the CW's Riverdale, this soapy teen drama slowly grew on me.

'Sense8': "Who Am I?" Puts Will and Whispers Front and Center | 9 May 2017 // 6:00 AM

Despite the show's lingering issues with character development, "Who Am I?" adeptly sets the stakes for season two and provides plenty of intrigue.

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Supernatural Sets the Stage for Season Finalé With “There's Something About Mary”

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"A busy episode in which at least one character dies, two become puppets, and three are trapped and left for dead in an unlikely place.

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