Andrea Tallarita

Andrea Tallarita was born in Rome in 1985. He studied Comparative Literature at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich and currently lives in Munich. He is represented by the London-based literary agency Marjacq.

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Is A.I. the New Other? | 7 Mar 2017 // 9:59 PM

Aliens and robots are swapping seats as filmic sci-fi reformulates its visions of the foreign and the familiar.

How 'Gotham' Re-Invents Batman's Sexual Politics | 21 Feb 2017 // 10:00 PM

Fox's Gotham finally gives DC an edge over Marvel as it interweaves morality and sexuality into a sophisticated narrative.

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Trevor Noah on the Biracial Divide

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"The indelible experiences of Trevor Noah's past have been parlayed into his memoir, Born a Crime, a history of a life living under racial divide.

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