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Marco Lanzagorta
Image: Marco Lanzagorta

Marco Lanzagorta received a PhD in physics from Oxford University and has worked at prestigious research institutions in England, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico and the US. During the past 25 years, he has conducted research in physics, computer science, and neuroscience. Currently, Marco is a research physicist at a major defense research laboratory in Washington DC, and an affiliate associate professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.


Tuesday, April 21 2009

Dirty Harry: Nothing Wrong with Shooting the Right People

The year Dirty Harry was released (1971) saw several demonstrations of angry cops questioning why criminals had very solid constitutional protections that often interfered with law enforcement work.

Thursday, December 4 2008

Rambo: In All His Glory

Rambo is constantly portrayed as judge, jury, and executioner in the national and international spheres.

Wednesday, October 29 2008

I See Dead People

The real legacy of Night of the Living Dead is the way it became a quintessential icon that perfectly represents the patriarchal conflict for phallic control, as well as the confrontation between the primitive and the civilized.

Tuesday, June 10 2008

The Phantasmagoric Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage was truly revolutionary in the way it exploited the unique features of motion pictures, and clearly anticipated the sophisticated narrative and visual structure of modern films.

Tuesday, March 25 2008

The Perfect Lean, Mean, Macho Machine

The Die Hard series is a true rollercoaster of visual excesses guaranteed to raise the viewer’s adrenaline levels – while invoking intriguing ideological and cultural subtexts that deal with race, gender, masculinity, and social anxieties.


Monday, January 18 2010

Unfulfilled Desires, Fulfilled Nightmares

As the new millennium accelerates we witness our world consumed by an international economic crisis fueled by unrestricted consumption and greed. Hence, the relevance of Stephen King's 'Needful Things'.

Monday, October 26 2009

Frightful Rome

Profondo Rosso, the Dario Argento store in Rome, hints at a dramatic cultural shift taking place in Italy regarding the appreciation and analysis of classic Italian horror films.

Sunday, September 20 2009

Horrifyingly Close to Reality

Western culture’s perspective of torture is complex and paradoxical; it's considered immoral, illegal, primitive, and indecent, yet it's shocking to see that torture methods continue to be used in the interrogation of prisoners of war.

Wednesday, July 29 2009

International d'Horreur

The country that is producing high quality fear flicks these days is not in North America nor anywhere in Asia, but in Western Europe.

Sunday, May 3 2009

Fighting the Flu

The mobilization of the military to control the spread of the current outbreak of a rare strain of the swine flu in Mexico City is right out of Stephen King’s The Stand.


Wednesday, August 28 2013

Madness, Obsession and 'Midsomer Murders'

Character development and intelligent storytelling are the two ingredients that make Midsomer Murders such a great detective show.

Monday, August 12 2013

'Lifeforce' Is a Rollercoaster Ride with Aliens, Vampires, Zombies and More

Although I fully appreciate and enjoy the creepiness and morbid elegance of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, I firmly believe that Lifeforce is a more complex, stylish, and electrifying film.

Wednesday, June 26 2013

Bringing Horror to the Classroom with 'Fear and Learning'

This enthralling book brings together a collection of 12 case studies where horror narratives have been used to improve the teaching of philosophy, psychology, gender studies, film, and classical literature.

Tuesday, April 23 2013

The Ball Is Back, But Is It Real? 'Phantasm II (Collector's Edition)'

Watching Phantasm II is like having a horrifying nightmare: we may become restless and frightened during the dream, but when we wake up we are able to realize the absurdity of the situation.

Monday, March 25 2013

Transgressive Sexuality and Slimy Creatures 'From Beyond (Collector's Edition)'

Except for the squeamish and the virtuous, everybody else should be able to enjoy this depiction of those nightmarish metaphysical horrors that apparently surround our godforsaken existence.

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