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Raphaël Costambeys-Kempczynski
Image: Raphaël Costambeys-Kempczynski

Raphaël is maître de conferences at the Sorbonne, Paris, where he lectures in English literature, Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Radio Journalism. Though born and bred in England, Raphaël has spent much of his adult life travelling between London, Edinburgh, Dublin and the Continent. After a short career as a rock band front man and music critic, he worked for several years as a radio presenter/producer and is currently piloting the Radio Sorbonne project. His radio work mainly focuses on the analysis of British current affairs with a cultural angle as well as issues dealing with the reception of popular music. He is known in radio circles as the “Dr of Pop”. He completed his PhD in 2001 on the performances of postmodernity in contemporary British poetry and subsequently left his home in Britain to take up his post in Paris.


Sunday, April 3 2005

The Catholic Cult of the Personality: Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)

how the 20th century made John Paul the Great.

Monday, October 25 2004

Where There Had Been Something, There Was Suddenly Something More: John Peel 1939-2004

John Peel was the man. For the past 40 years he made sure that Britain didn't just listen to over-produced throwaway one-hit-wonders.

Sunday, September 19 2004

A Very Public Private Affair

December 2005 will mark the 100th anniversary of one of the fundamental principals of French republican ideology: the separation of Church and State. By way of preamble, and in conjunction with celebrations for the 60th anniversary of its liberation, Paris declared 2004 its "Year of Secularism". But one of France's paradoxes amongst its bourgeoisie seems to be that it is publicly a secular republic, but privately a Catholic state; simply professing the secularism of the Nation-State in no way guarantees religious tolerance. These are ideologically worrying times in France.


Thursday, January 15 2009

Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Eloquence of Rioters

This poetry, symbolically violent in its choice of literary form and symbolically subversive in its choice of Creole, reveals the literacy of rioters.

Monday, August 18 2008

Me, Myself & BBCi: Who's Watching Whom

The extensive use of mirrors in the Big Brother house behind which many of the cameras are hidden means that when the contestants hear the voice of authority, it is their own reflexion that they see back.

Wednesday, June 18 2008

Re-make/Re-Model and the Becoming of Bryan Ferry

Roxy Music positioned themselves as postmodern: boundary blurring, self-reflexive, both serious in an art rock vein and playful in a glam rock vein.

Wednesday, April 9 2008

1977: The Year Decency Died - Part II

If punk’s message was ‘destroy’, then inevitably wrapped up in its own scream of existence was its dying breath. No sooner was 1977 declared the year of punk than the death of punk was in the cards.

Tuesday, April 8 2008

1977: The Year Decency Died - Part I

"I loathe and detest everything they stand for and look like. They are obnoxious, obscene and disgusting."


Sunday, September 25 2005

Forest: Forest

If you're a deaf, tramp-like, fire-eating, unicyclist elf, then Forest might just offer the soundtrack to your life.

Wednesday, June 22 2005

The Dead 60s: The Dead 60s

Playing the degeneration game. The Dead 60s take us back to the days of a leaden age.

Monday, June 6 2005

Gomez: Out West

Something old, something blue, something borrowed, but nothing new. If you don't know Gomez then this live double album was meant for you.

Monday, April 25 2005

British Sea Power: Open Season

Probably the first time anadiplosis has ever been used in a rock review. But that's the kind of band British Sea Power want to be.

Tuesday, April 19 2005

Stereophonics: Language. Sex. Violence. Other?

No more croaking ballads? Have Stereophonics finally decided to move on or are they just Britrock revivalist bandwagon jumpers?"

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