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Tobias Peterson
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Tobias Peterson served as PopMatters’ Sport Editors and columnist (From the Cheap Seats). He holds an MA in English Literature (with a concentration in Cultural Studies) from George Mason University, where he studied representations of race in professional basketball.


Thursday, September 27 2007

Allen Ginsberg: The Politics of Ecstasy

Ginsberg had an eye that took in a world full of lovers and low-lifes -- each, for him, was a song waiting to be sung.

Monday, October 23 2006

The Thin (White) Line between Ballers and Brawlers

Critics of the Miami-FIU fight are condemning the same kind of antagonism, machismo, and mayhem that is regularly reinforced as integral to football as a sport.

Sunday, March 19 2006

Film Days 6 and 7: Dreams for Insomniacs

We bid a fond farewell to the cultured madness of SXSW Film 2006, as the barbarian hordes of the music festival descend to have their way with Austin.

Wednesday, March 15 2006

Film Days 4 and 5: Camps, Pixies, and Four Letter Words

Attending these events makes me feel a lot like one of those nature documentarians, tracking some bizarre annual urban migration.

Tuesday, March 14 2006

Film Day 3: Other Bodies, Other Selves

This year's festival is a scene Fellini would have been proud to shoot. And I haven't even gotten into the theater.


Wednesday, January 26 2011

Play On: Get Off the Couch, Get On the Court

The true measure of a fan’s joy is in play. Without it, all sports would simply cease to be.

Monday, December 6 2010

Teams of Rivals: 'Tis the Season for Mayhem, Pranks and All Around Hating One Another

Rivalry games feature a special kind of hatred -- the kind only your closest neighbor can inspire.

Tuesday, November 16 2010

An Anti-Brett-Favre-Article Article

From the desk of Roger Goodell: It is with the goal of achieving 100 percent media saturation that I submit these notes.

Wednesday, October 20 2010

Redemption Songs: Rehabilitating Michael Vick

Michael Vick has arrived at the final stage of a well-known formula: transgression-outrage-apology-punishment-contrition-and, finally, forgiveness.

Wednesday, September 8 2010

Jay Mariotti and the Moral Role

In a world of 24-hour programming, Jay Mariotti's Around the Horn does for ESPN what Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly does for Fox News: fill in large gulfs of empty space between actual news or events by making a fetish of opinion.

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Monday, September 24 2012

Poetic Orbit: ‘London: A History in Verse’

The experience of reading this anthology is much like that of stepping out of King’s Cross station and strolling the city’s streets. Walk long enough, read deeply enough, and you’ll be immersed in impressions of beauty, grime, humor, violence – often simultaneously.

Monday, April 25 2011

'The Poets Laureate Anthology': Another Salvo in the War Against Irrelevance

Anthologies such as this are a movement, or a moment, a force of expression that seeks to take up more space -- literally and figuratively -- than the book of one individual might.

Wednesday, November 7 2007

Paul Bowles

The mystery that surrounded Paul Bowles, then and now, seems to be the driving force of his artistic legacy.

Tuesday, May 8 2007

Rising Son - The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi (2006)

Christian Hosoi was the coolest of the cool, a brash and rowdy pin-up idol whose talent took him to the apex of the skateboarding world during the '80s, only to leave him flailing when the world moved on without him.

Monday, January 1 2007

Private (2004)

This film, at its heart, asks the question of how a fundamentally intolerable situation is to be tolerated.


Monday, December 14 2009

The Official World Series Film Collection

The Official World Series Film Collection - A&E Home Video [$229.95]

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