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Todd is a novelist, essayist, academician, songwriter, web designer, teacher, lecturer, former DJ, past basketball coach, son, brother, husband, father, and friend. Sired in Pasadena, California, with time spent in Paris, France; educated in Syracuse, New York, now educating in Sendai, Japan, Todd is a person of multiple identities: an intellectual gypsy with cross-national links and a transnational perspective.  Todd holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Social Science and is currently Professor of Mediated Sociology in the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies (GSICS) at Tohoku University, in Sendai, Japan.

For analyses of Japanese popular culture by tjm Holden, see archived issues of his column, ReDotPop: Mediations of Japan; and for adventures in the journey of life, see his PopMatters’ travel blog: Peripatetic Postcards.


Sunday, March 29 2009

When Can We Be Friends?

When it comes to sports, while we may be swimming in the cool pool of popular culture, if those sports happen to pit South Korea against Japan, then we have strayed into the searing hot tub of politics.

Monday, February 16 2009

Jero: Oh Yes, He Can

How a young 'half-breed' is reviving a very old, traditional, insular, often ridiculed form of Japanese music.

Wednesday, November 5 2008

In a Groove, in a Grove

Even in the dead of summer when a cacophony of cicadas clinging to the limbs assail the ears, the visitor caught in the grove cannot help but be sucked into the mystical vortex.

Thursday, June 5 2008

When Bathing Suits None and All

In the ReDot realm, while no bathing suits are allowed for any at bath-time, bathing suits one and all.

Thursday, January 31 2008

Creating Japan: The Truth About the Myth

Separated lovers, a hero, a villain, creepy surrogates, immortal power, the wrath of the gods, a perilous journey to hell and back, a breakneck chase, daring escapes, fortune, and an ending that will make you cry yourself to sleep.


Friday, March 18 2011

I Survived a Japanese Earthquake (Tribute to Tohoku)

Life after the quake and tsunami in Tohoku is not easy at all. Cut off from them, as I am now, with no working phone service and much of the Internet down, I can only pray for the people I left behind on that day.

Thursday, March 17 2011

Tied by the Disaster Posts

Wednesday, March 9 2011

On Re-t(o)urns

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Three Hours in Lisbon

Monday, June 28 2010

FOC: Singapore

I found myself beginning to wonder where else in my Asian neighborhood I might better have visited, because suddenly Singapore obviously belonged amidst that Business Week top hundred.

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