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Andrew Blackie


Sunday, January 15 2012

Movies 2011: Powerful and Disturbing Visions

Many films this year explored self-consciously "big" themes, revealing that sometimes the line between felicity of expression and facileness can be unclear.

Tuesday, September 23 2008

Nu-Metal's Not Dead!

August saw a resurgence of nu-metal glory for 2008, with several former figureheads dropping their new releases. And instead of these bands dying off like the genre they ostensibly belonged to, most proved there's still life after the spotlight moves on.

Tuesday, March 4 2008

Taking Their Passion Play to the Road: An Interview with Nightwish

If bassist Marco Hietala laughs easily, it's because his band's back where they want to be after a period of gloom and change.


Friday, April 20 2012

"The Lady" Is a Superficial Portrait

The Lady becomes torn between its two primary themes: the nobility of Suu Kyi’s cause and the emotional costs of her dedication, which include the loss of her loved ones for goals that seem no nearer in sight at the end of the film than the beginning.

Monday, April 16 2012

'Titanic 3D' Connects on an Elemental Level

Titanic's re-release in 3D provides the opportunity to drink in its spectacular mise-en-scène, to admire its graceful, imposing, and majestic camerawork, particularly in several magnificent sweeps across the bow of the ship.

Friday, March 30 2012

'Wrath of the Titans' Desperately Wants to Be Epic

Unlike Clash of the Titans, which stacked the deck with mindless action, Wrath of the Titans features more walking. A lot more of it.

Thursday, February 9 2012

'The Vow' Is Conventional, with Complications

The Vow is a conventional love story with a ghostly chasm in the middle, a weepie for Valentine’s Day cinemagoers.

Tuesday, December 20 2011

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

The Adventures of Tintin is a fine, affectionate tribute to the Tintin comics, and visually, it’s dazzling. But the movie lacks Hergé’s spirit.

Josiah: No Time [2.Aug.07]
Korn: Untitled [30.Jul.07]
Static-X: Cannibal [22.Apr.07]
Sevendust: Alpha [18.Apr.07]
Karnivool: Themata [11.Apr.07]
Ektomorf: Outcast [11.Mar.07]


Thursday, July 14 2011

Little Battles in the Midst of a Big One: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2'

Over the course of ten years and eight films, it’s tempting to get misty-eyed and swept up in the fever of it all.

Thursday, May 26 2011

"Yes, Guys, We Can't Believe It's Happening Again, Either": 'The Hangover Part II'

The Hangover Part II is a serviceable, but somewhat flat sequel.

Friday, January 29 2010

This 'Leap Year' is Worth Skipping

An Interesting Proposition with 'Nowhere' Much to Go (Short Ends and Leader) [21.Jan.10]
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