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Ryan Smith
Image: Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a writer/journalist who recently moved back to Illinois after living in Missouri and Los Angeles for the past decade.  A Land of Lincoln (Springfield, IL) native, Ryan won several local and state journalism awards in his five years as a news reporter in central Missouri.  His freelance work has appeared in publications such as Relevant Magazine, Vox, and Escape. Ryan has penned multimedia reviews and features for PopMatters since 2005.


Thursday, April 9 2009

The Mask of Normality

What do you do when you discover a colleague is a killer? Cultural depictions of serial killers help us avoid confronting what we can't abide: that murderers might be as ordinary as the rest of us

Wednesday, July 2 2008

Beyond the Core Gamer: An Interview with Wideload Games' Alex Seropian

"There's huge potential for the market to grow, and the only way we're going to get there is if there are games available that address an audience beyond the core gamer."

Wednesday, November 14 2007

First Person of Shooters: An Interview with Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

"I don't think Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan or any of those guys took it lightly when they became who they were. It was because they were obsessed about something, probably a little crazy and I think I do the same thing."

Tuesday, October 30 2007

E for Some But Not All

I felt at times like a kid at an amusement park on a rainy, drizzly day where the weather scares most people off, so the lines for the roller coasters are practically nonexistent.

Thursday, July 26 2007

"Technology for the Masses": An Interview with Nolan Bushnell

"The games got too complex and violent. The complexity lost the casual gamer, and the violence lost the women."


Tuesday, April 15 2008

The Banality of a Wanna Be Robin Hood

As I walked into the payday loan company's office I wondered, Did any of the union welders on the Death Star walk out once they realized what "Project DS" stood for?

Sunday, January 27 2008

The Real Surreal World

Why are the most visceral, defining moments in our life often perceived as unreal or dream-like?

Sunday, January 6 2008

Just One of the "Schlubs"

A walk on the down and out side, sans music soundtrack and poetic interpretation.

Sunday, October 7 2007

A Fistful of Quarters

If only I could love Ms. Pacman the way I want to love Ms. Pacman.

Tuesday, August 14 2007

With Malice Towards Fun

In a battle to claim The Simpson's for its own, Fox network's favorite family teetered dangerously close to stealing the heart and soul of Springfield, Illinois, away from the man who saved the Union.


Thursday, July 29 2010

Can 'Naughty Bear' Kill the Cult of Cute?

"Cute" is calculated and engineered to stir us to coo on sight and buy a product. As someone cynical about manufactured cuteness, I was looking forward to playing Naughty Bear.

Thursday, July 8 2010

'Blur' Is Like a 'Mario Kart' for Grown Ups

It’s really the online multiplayer that kicks Blur into an extra gear.

Thursday, March 4 2010

Mass Effect 2

Blame Mass Effect 2 for the debate that gamers and journalists find themselves suddenly engaged in. The topic: what exactly is a role-playing game?

Thursday, December 17 2009

New Super Mario Bros.

Mario hasn't changed or grown up after all these years. This somehow feels both relevant and refreshing.

Sunday, October 18 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

I couldn't help but notice that one puzzle in which you must fit four different shaped blocks in four identically shaped holes in order to open a door was eerily similar to a Fisher-Price puzzle that I once solved at age four.


Monday, December 15 2008

Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) - Activision [$59.99]

Saturday, December 13 2008

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead (PC, Xbox 360) - $59.99

Monday, December 8 2008

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 - PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC [$59.99]

Tuesday, October 28 2008

What's Barack Doing In My Burnout?

Ryan Smith takes a look at the sudden onset of political ads in video games.

Mass Effect - Xbox 360 [$59.99] (Consuming Consumables) [18.Dec.07]
Project Gotham Racing 4 - Xbox 360 [$59.99] (Consuming Consumables) [13.Dec.07]
The Orange Box - Xbox 360 [$59.99] (Consuming Consumables) [2.Dec.07]
Bioshock - Xbox 360 [$59.99] (Consuming Consumables) [21.Nov.07]
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