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Tim O'Neil


Wednesday, January 9 2008

Sufficiently Forward-Looking: An Interview with Einstürzende Neubauten

The singer and lyricist gives his take on the music-industrial complex, including the challenge of visiting the United States.

Thursday, November 29 2007

Frank Sinatra: A Voice in Time (1939-1952)

Sinatra's reputation was a victim of the changing times, and I don't think it's possible to overstate the effect that this transition has had upon the perception of his music.

Wednesday, August 15 2007

The Implacable Progress of 'Porn'

Porn appears inherently inhospitable to subtext, context, or artistic aspirations, cruel, mechanistic, and antithetical to sustained narrative. Porn filmmaking is practically a contradiction in terms: any "artistic" obfuscation of the action on display risks alienating the genre's core audience.

Thursday, August 9 2007

Genesis: 1976-1982

Genesis is slightly different from typical prog rock. Yes, they had the 20-minute song "cycles" and the classical allusions all up in their lyrics, but they also had a few other things that their proggy peers did not: specifically, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

Wednesday, July 18 2007

Master P: Ghetto D

You'd be hard pressed to make an argument for Ghetto D as one of the great rap albums of the '90s, or even, really, a very good album at all.


Thursday, September 3 2009

Amanda Blank: I Love You

Her desire to dominate the rhetorical battlefield of her sexual conquests is entirely convincing.

Tuesday, August 11 2009

Orbital: Orbital 20

Sloppy and superfluous -- a poor reflection on just how intricate and essential the band were and are.

Thursday, February 19 2009

The Matthew Herbert Big Band: There's Me and There's You

It's an interesting album, just not interesting in a way that particularly compels me to listen to it again.

Tuesday, November 25 2008

R.E.M. : Murmur (Deluxe Edition)

It all began with one weird little album with a weird little cover, with weird little songs sung by a weird guy who couldn’t even enunciate properly.

Wednesday, September 10 2008

The Chemical Brothers: Brotherhood

Brotherhood does a passable job of attempting to reconcile the two increasingly disparate sides of the Chemical Brothers’ split personality.

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