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George Tiller has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University and a Masters degree in Elementary Education from National Louis University. An Air Force brat with roots in South Mississippi, George stumbled upon his adopted home of Chicago as the result of falling in love with an actress in Montgomery, Alabama. His interests include the actress previously mentioned, History, Theater, Politics and nervously following scientific developments.

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Brighton Wok: The Legend of Ganja Boxing | 19 Aug 2008 // 5:59 PM

Brighton Wok is England’s first marijuana Kung-Fu movie. You get the bong, I’ll get the nachos.


Last Year at Marienbad | 17 Jun 2009 // 5:00 PM

Resnais speaks of how this film is like a Rorschach test; what it means depends on who watches it.

Designing Women: The Complete First Season | 11 Jun 2009 // 5:00 PM

A delightful combination of a fresh breath of feminism and the last gasp of the “New South”.


Designing Women: The Complete First Season | 17 Dec 2009 // 5:00 AM

Designing Women: The Complete First Season - Shout! Factory [$44.99]

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead | 26 Jul 2009 // 12:00 AM

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"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

// Sound Affects

"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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