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Alan Ranta
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Compelled to words by music since 2004, Ranta’s words have appeared in such esteemed publications as Exclaim!, Tiny Mix Tapes, CBC Music, and PopMatters. He also regularly votes for the Polaris Music Prize, Village Voice Pazz & Jop, Juno Awards, and in all local, provincial, and federal elections. Based in East Vancouver, he’s been known to a rave and/or rant, cat whisper, play basketball, pessimistically root for the Canucks, and read far too many comment sections. He graduated with distinction from SFU in 2012, with a bachelor’s degree in music.


Wednesday, April 3 2013

It's Going to Get Dark: An Interview with the Milk Carton Kids

As they toured in support of their 2011 albums, given away for free online, Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan sat down with PopMatters to drink whiskey and discuss the folk scene, the Canadian Football League, The Simpsons, and the Rocky Mountains.

Wednesday, September 30 2009

Hey Buddy, Got a Spare Time Machine? Ask Pepe Deluxé

The day will come when Spare Time Machine is revered as the masterpiece it is by the crowd it deserves. Luckily, Tomi Paajaanen and James Spectrum have this happy pill to keep them sane until that day arrives.


Sunday, December 16 2012

Cuts Without Pastes: Electronic Music Artists that Fell Through the Cracks

Not everyone can be Al Walser. Despite their abilities and efforts, some producers didn't click with their audiences, ending up in some kind of digital purgatory. Alan Ranta looks at a few artists that, for various reasons, slipped through the cracks.

Wednesday, May 2 2012

Party Machine: The Rise of Canadian Electronic Music

If Toronto is having a Seattle moment, as The New York Times called it, it's fair to say that Canadian electronic music is having a Chicago/Detroit moment.

Wednesday, February 8 2012

Playing Guarde: Music Metacreation and the Vanguard

To create something or to create something that creates something; that is a question. But if you lead an electric horse to art, does it dream of the avant-garde?

Monday, June 6 2011

Idle Chatter About Paul Lansky

With "Notjustmoreidlechatter", Paul Lansky attempted to make a piece that would withstand the monotony of archival recording, future-proofed against the technological developments in the field of digital sound manipulation.

Friday, May 6 2011

Soundscape Mix #14: Ancient Communication

How we see things is affected by how we say things. This mix is a reflection on formerly prominent methods and modes of communication, such as the typewriter, cassette tape, and radio. Enjoy your cultural evolution.


Wednesday, June 25 2014

William Ryan Fritch: Leave Me Like You Found Me

The second installment of Fritch's "Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series" shows a breathtaking, cinematic composer and post-folk experimenter at the top of his game.

Friday, April 18 2014

Echaskech: Origin

The third album by Echaskech, their first since 2009's Shatterproof, sees London producers Dom Hoare and Andy Gillham honing their sound craft with immersive results.

Tuesday, April 8 2014

Bill Baird: Diamond Eyepatch

Austin via Oakland experimental pop artist Bill Baird makes his Moon Glyph debut with a mini-album of balanced absurdity.

Thursday, September 13 2012

Cristian Vogel: The Inertials

Forget everything you know about Cristian Vogel ... unless you've never heard of him, in which case, prepare to learn a lot about Cristian Vogel, care of his finest work in 20 years or so.

Sunday, July 1 2012

Krazy Baldhead: The Noise in the Sky

Unlike most Ed Banger releases, producer Pierre-Antoine Grison allows the time to enjoy the journey of his sophomore album, rather than just careening listeners from one place to another.

Lorn: Ask the Dust [27.Jun.12]
Louderbach: Autumn [10.Sep.09]
Dirt Crew: Blow [7.Sep.09]
Pixel: The Drive [24.Jun.09]
Nosaj Thing: Drift [18.Jun.09]
Eminem: Relapse [18.May.09]
Cloudc: Cloudc [13.May.09]
Tosca: No Hassle [28.Apr.09]
Christer: Techna [8.Mar.09]
Tipsy: Buzzz [14.Jan.09]
Sacros: Sacros [14.Jan.09]
Rain: Rain [30.Sep.08]
Justine: Justine [18.Sep.08]
Mad EP: Bass.Hed [30.Jul.08]
The Egg: /Forwards [27.Jul.08]
Demian: Demian [22.Jul.08]
2562: Aerial [22.Jul.08]
Ollo: If Thief EP [10.Jul.08]
Women: Women [6.Jul.08]
Cafeneon: Cafeneon [22.Jun.08]
The Orb: The Dream [11.Jun.08]
Portishead: Third [27.Apr.08]
Brownout: Homenaje [31.Mar.08]
Kutiman: Kutiman [6.Mar.08]
Chessie: Manifest [19.Feb.08]
Ocrilim: Annwn [11.Feb.08]
TheDeathSet: MFDS [10.Feb.08]
Subtle: Yell&Ice [7.Feb.08]
Donna Regina: More [22.Jan.08]
Pig&Dan: Imagine [21.Jan.08]
Hint: At the Dance [20.Jan.08]
Christ.: Bike [16.Jan.08]


Wednesday, October 29 2014

Graveyard Tapes - 'White Rooms' (album stream) (Premiere)

Experimental folktronic-pop duo Euan McMeeken and Matthew Collings have their second Graveyard Tapes album, White Rooms, ready to rock this November.

Thursday, March 27 2014

INTIMATCHINE - "Are You Rich?" (video)

Los Angeles-based couple Chelsey Holland and Christopher Wormald put out their debut EP called I'll Eat You Last this March. And now, "Are You Rich?" has a video.

Friday, March 21 2014

Chains of Love - Misery Makers Vol. 2 (EP Stream) (Premiere)

Vancouver's pop-soul darlings Chains of Love are set to release the second installment in their Misery Makers EP series on March 25, care of Manimal Vinyl/Light Organ.

Thursday, January 9 2014

Morgan Visconti - "Can't Say Goodbye (Sloan Alexander Remix)" (stream) (Premiere)

Morgan Visconti is set to release his debut album, Ride, later this year. Its first single, "Can't Say Goodbye" is due out on January 27 via human label.

Thursday, January 31 2013

Fake Shark Real Zombie - "Get Weird" (video) (PopMatters Premiere)

This shit won't rot your brain, but it might eat it.

Opossom - "Fly" (video) (Mixed Media) [10.Jul.12]
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