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G. Christopher Williams is a Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He posts his weekly contribution to the Moving Pixels blog at PopMatters every Wednesday. Besides also serving as Multimedia Editor at PopMatters and writing at his own blog, 8-bit confessional, he has also published essays in journals like Film Criticism, PostScript, and the Popular Culture Review. You won't find him on Twitter, but you can drop him a line with that old fashioned thing called e-mail at williams@popmatters.com.

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Bettie Page, Dead Since 1957 | 15 Dec 2008 // 1:59 PM

What might be remembered of the life of a woman who was long ago replaced by her own representation?

Wizards & Words: An Interview with Patrick Rothfuss | 4 Jun 2008 // 4:59 PM

Author Patrick Rothfuss talks to PopMatters about the pivotal role of language in magic, the structure of storytelling, and the role of fantasy in contemporary fiction.


Where Did All the (Action Figure) Girls Go? | 10 May 2015 // 9:30 PM

The scarcity of the Black Widow action figure on toy shelves has me thinking about what we think we know about gender identity in play, be that play with toys or play in video games.

The True Dogs of War: Nation, Language, and Identity in 'Valiant Hearts' | 16 Mar 2015 // 8:30 PM

Valiant Hearts challenges the barbaric connotations of the appellation “the dogs of war” by making a dog, the only creature blind to the “essential” identity markers of nationalism and language, the hero.


'The Weaponographist': A Casual Roguelike? | 21 May 2015 // 2:00 AM

The Weaponigraphist approximates a hardcore gaming experience, while not really actually being all that hardcore.

'The Marvelous Miss Take,' a Red Headed Robin Hood | 15 Dec 2014 // 1:00 AM

Very simply put, Miss Take is an exceptionally executed game, advancing a kind of minimalist, arcade-style form of stealth that never wears out its welcome.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Unearthing the 'Charnel House' | 25 May 2015 // 2:00 AM

This week we discuss Owl Creek Games's follow up to Sepulchre, the triptych of tales called The Charnel House Trilogy.

Eat to Live: The 35th Anniversary of 'Pac-Man' | 22 May 2015 // 5:00 AM

The story of Pac-Man is the story of America.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Unearthing the 'Charnel House'

// Moving Pixels

"This week we discuss Owl Creek Games's follow up to Sepulchre, the triptych of tales called The Charnel House Trilogy.

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