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Daynah Burnett


Thursday, January 3 2008

The Best Big Screen Eye Candy of 2007

When flipping through my mental catalog of the year's films, certain scenes stand out. This past year offered a veritable feast of visual goodies.

Tuesday, January 9 2007

Instant Replay: Best of TV on DVD

Sunday, January 7 2007

Unkept Promises: Most Disappointing Films of 2006

If it's easy to get excited about a new film, it's just as easy to feel disenchanted with the results. Looking over 2006, there were lots of unkept promises.

Sunday, November 26 2006

Too Disturbing: After Dark Horrorfest, 17-19 November 2006

Women remain the victims of choice. This cliché indicates a lack of imagination visible throughout the festival's themes, characters, and plots.


Saturday, March 31 2012

'Game of Thrones': The Wannabe Kings

With their lush set pieces and rocky coastlines, passionate betrayals and calculating re-alliances, the new episodes present an almost a too intricate meditation on power. Game of Thrones demands that you pay attention or be left behind.

Friday, October 28 2011

'Grimm': A Different Sort of Detective Superpowers

How the Grimms' special gift can help Nick in his police work is obvious, but also silly. It doesn't take inherited superpowers to deduce the common thread among cases involving missing girls last seen in red sweatshirts.

Tuesday, October 4 2011

'American Horror Story' Asks When Horrible Things Happen to People, What Do They Become?

Contradictions, whether embodied by Vivian or found in her new haunted home, exemplify what works and what doesn’t about American Horror Story.

Wednesday, September 28 2011

Who Would Ever Want 'Community' to Be Less Weird?

Evolution, biology, power and prison and monkey gas: this is typical of the kind of amusing thematic density that Community manages week to week.

Thursday, September 22 2011

Chronic Unemployment + Seamy Business Practices + Moral Relativism = 'Burke and Hare'

Andy Serkis may just be the most magnetic film actor in recent memory. Watching him in live action is so captivating, we might forget that he's best known as the master of motion-capture acting.

Temple Grandin [4.Feb.10]
The Two Coreys [21.Jun.08]
Lost [2.Jun.08]
Run, Fatboy, Run [27.Mar.08]
Lost [6.Feb.08]
Juno [4.Dec.07]
Tooth and Nail [14.Nov.07]
The Office [10.Oct.07]
Carpoolers [8.Oct.07]
Dirty Sexy Money [2.Oct.07]
Stardust [9.Aug.07]
Ratatouille (2007) [28.Jun.07]
Surfs Up (2007) [7.Jun.07]
Once (2006) [1.Jun.07]
Lost [30.May.07]
The Office [22.May.07]
Hot Fuzz (2007) [23.Apr.07]
TMNT (2007) [22.Mar.07]
Raines [14.Mar.07]
Scrubs: My Musical [23.Jan.07]
Lost [3.Oct.06]
Kidnapped [19.Sep.06]
Vanished [27.Aug.06]
Scrubs [31.Dec.94]
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