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Michael Barrett is a San Antonio-based freelance writer who tries not to leave the house. He has degrees from Trinity University in San Antonio and University of California at Davis. He watches one film a day. In addition to his features and reviews on PopMatters, see also his PopMatters column, Canon Fodder. Since the early '90s he has written a monthly video column for the San Antonio Express-News, and his national publications include Library Journal and the Chicago-based Nostalgia Digest.

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Clint Eastwood: American Icon Collection | 4 Jun 2009 // 3:59 PM

Again in the Eastwood oeuvre, a man who thinks he's in control, and especially around women, finds out he's not quite.

M Squad: Clench-jawed and World-weary | 15 Apr 2009 // 3:59 PM

Lee Marvin almost floats through his space, bending his graying hatchet-head forward on his tall lanky body, his loose limbs on the point of uncoiling into savagery when some mug pulls a rod or throws a punch. He's a dangerous gentleman.


Mourning in America: Remembering 'Twin Peaks' | 25 Sep 2016 // 8:29 PM

Frustrating expectations was part of Twin Peaks modus operandi.

Domestic Infelicity: 'Way Out' Is Lost and Found on YouTube | 14 Sep 2016 // 8:30 PM

Roald Dahl's short-lived anthology feels like a merging of Rod Serling's horror and sci-fi with Alfred Hitchcock's obsession with unhappy marriages.


Rediscovering an Overlooked Non-Masterpiece: 'The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend' | 28 Nov 2016 // 8:45 PM

Preston Sturges' funny western farce has a few subversive ideas.

Smile! You're on Cinerama | 21 Nov 2016 // 8:44 PM

According to these "consumer celebration" films, the world -- even Russia -- was once a carefree, glowing place of gracious living.


Harelips and Dead Birds: Looking for Meaning in 'Cosmos' | 28 Nov 2016 // 3:30 AM

Zulawski's final film is a parody of romantic impulses.

Keep Off: 'Private Property' Takes a Dip in Adult Waters | 17 Nov 2016 // 8:45 PM

In the early '60s, Hollywood was struggling to convey the idea that people now and then have sex.

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'Cube Escape' Is Free, Frustrating, and Weirdly Compelling

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"The Cube Escape games are awful puzzle games, but they're an addicting descent into madness.

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