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Michael Barrett is a San Antonio-based freelance writer who tries not to leave the house. He has degrees from Trinity University in San Antonio and University of California at Davis. He watches one film a day. In addition to his features and reviews on PopMatters, see also his PopMatters column, Canon Fodder. Since the early '90s he has written a monthly video column for the San Antonio Express-News, and his national publications include Library Journal and the Chicago-based Nostalgia Digest.

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Clint Eastwood: American Icon Collection | 4 Jun 2009 // 4:59 PM

Again in the Eastwood oeuvre, a man who thinks he's in control, and especially around women, finds out he's not quite.

M Squad: Clench-jawed and World-weary | 15 Apr 2009 // 4:59 PM

Lee Marvin almost floats through his space, bending his graying hatchet-head forward on his tall lanky body, his loose limbs on the point of uncoiling into savagery when some mug pulls a rod or throws a punch. He's a dangerous gentleman.


UCLA Film & Television Archive to the Rescue | 16 Jun 2016 // 9:15 PM

The Chase, Too Late for Tears, Woman on the Run and The Southerner are all examples of postwar indie cinema that had fallen through the cracks -- until now.

25 Nights With Some Movies That Caused a Temporary Ripple in the Buzz-o-sphere | 27 Apr 2016 // 9:30 PM

From the importance (or not) of the comic book movies to films with avant-garde concepts, some beautiful, some unbearable.


Films in 'Found at Mostly Lost' Are Mostly Concerned With Avoiding the Police | 19 May 2016 // 9:45 PM

Tramps, dapper husbands, fake dinosaurs and young William Frawley.

'Try and Get Me' Goes Where Most Films Fear to Tread | 14 Apr 2016 // 9:10 PM

This overlooked noir film takes a disturbing look at ordinary American life, circa 1950.


'99 River Street' Feints and Punches | 27 Jun 2016 // 9:15 PM

This noir throws several clever misdirections at the viewer.

'Fantastic Planet' Is a Fantastic Film of Surreal Hallucination | 21 Jun 2016 // 9:14 PM

Being blue never looked so good as one of the most important animated features for adults is gorgeously restored.

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'Doom' Is Not a Title, It's a Name

// Moving Pixels

""Doom" is no longer a generic video game title. It's a name, a job description, and a promise.

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