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Michael Barrett is a San Antonio-based freelance writer who tries not to leave the house. He has degrees from Trinity University in San Antonio and University of California at Davis. He watches one film a day. In addition to his features and reviews on PopMatters, see also his PopMatters column, Canon Fodder. Since the early '90s he has written a monthly video column for the San Antonio Express-News, and his national publications include Library Journal and the Chicago-based Nostalgia Digest.

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Clint Eastwood: American Icon Collection | 4 Jun 2009 // 4:59 PM

Again in the Eastwood oeuvre, a man who thinks he's in control, and especially around women, finds out he's not quite.

M Squad: Clench-jawed and World-weary | 15 Apr 2009 // 4:59 PM

Lee Marvin almost floats through his space, bending his graying hatchet-head forward on his tall lanky body, his loose limbs on the point of uncoiling into savagery when some mug pulls a rod or throws a punch. He's a dangerous gentleman.


25 Nights With Some Movies That Caused a Temporary Ripple in the Buzz-o-sphere | 27 Apr 2016 // 9:30 PM

From the importance (or not) of the comic book movies to films with avant-garde concepts, some beautiful, some unbearable.

The Bad and the Beautiful: B-Horrors Go Blu | 1 Mar 2016 // 9:30 PM

Surrounded by faceless men, stone men, and brainless men, the mesmerizing "Queen of Blood" belongs in her own class.


Films in 'Found at Mostly Lost' Are Mostly Concerned With Avoiding the Police | 19 May 2016 // 9:45 PM

Tramps, dapper husbands, fake dinosaurs and young William Frawley.

'Try and Get Me' Goes Where Most Films Fear to Tread | 14 Apr 2016 // 9:10 PM

This overlooked noir film takes a disturbing look at ordinary American life, circa 1950.


From Hungary to Hollywood: "The Undesirable" | 23 May 2016 // 9:45 PM

At just over an hour, a lot happens in this broadly gestured, melodramatic story set in Transylvania.

'We Are the Night': The Female Vampire Quartet | 22 May 2016 // 9:45 PM

Vampiro-lesbo-culture is shown to be titillating yet untenable in this male made movie.

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From Hungary to Hollywood: "The Undesirable"

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"At just over an hour, a lot happens in this broadly gestured, melodramatic story set in Transylvania.

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