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Wednesday, November 16 2011

The Crows Come Home to Roost: The Death of Lisa Kimmel Fisher

Six Feet Under concludes its third season with a bold suite of emotionally devastating episodes that go straight for the jugular, nearly drowning the Fishers -- and the viewers -- under a tidal wave of fear, guilt and despair.

Wednesday, May 27 2009

Independent Film Festival of Boston 2009

A perfect occasion to get drunk on film, to fall in love with the movies, to reassert the primacy of film as the last central universal art form.

Thursday, May 15 2008

Independent Film Festival of Boston 2008

The Independent Film Festival of Boston brought a slew of new features, documentaries, and shorts to Beantown for the sixth year. PopMatters has all the highlights (and lowlights) from films that tackled everything from vanishing languages to fashion design.

Thursday, May 31 2007


These films share connecting tendrils of a strident defiance of convention, of this total faith in the surface non-sequitur; a seeming senselessness that really only masks the deeper connections and traditions flowing beneath their surfaces.

Thursday, May 31 2007

Closing Night

An audience decked out in full Boston Red Sox gear waits, in vain, for the appearance of star slugger, David Ortiz -- the film, it seems, was incidental. Meanwhile, Scott Caan, son of the enigmatic James Caan, gives a possible starmaking performance as a wiseguy wannabe.

Provocations [30.May.07]
The Illusionists [24.May.07]
Black Mirrors [24.May.07]
Opening Night [17.May.07]


Wednesday, March 20 2013

Once More Unto the Beach: The Final Season of Jersey Shore

Post-Hurricane Sandy, the questions the final season of Jersey Shore raise are disturbing: Can we ever go back to the shore? Can we ever rebuild what was broken?


Sunday, September 15 2013

Watching 'Scandal' Is Like Riding a Runaway Train -- Hang on Tight!

In its ridiculously entertaining second season, Scandal comes into its own as one of television’s great thrill rides, a runaway train of twisty, soapy plotting that never stops.

Wednesday, January 16 2013

Matthew McConaughey Gives Viewers a Strong Jolt of Reckoning in 'Killer Joe'

Killer Joe is a nasty piece of work, a bleak, sadistic but oddly funny noir boasting a startlingly dark turn by Matthew McConaughey as the titular hitman, and a breakout performance by Juno Temple.

Monday, November 19 2012

Beware the Seriously Pissed-Off Bride: 'REC 3: Genesis'

The third film in this heretofore exceptional Spanish horror series strikes off in a bold and unexpected new direction... before falling flat on its face in a puddle of gory nonsense.

Thursday, May 3 2012

The Truly Impenetrable 'Sleeping Beauty'

Provocative and sophomoric in about equal measure, Sleeping Beauty is, like the best fairy tales, thrumming with nightmarish, subterranean dread—and is, like the worst, heavy-handed and damningly dull.

Wednesday, April 18 2012

'The Descendants' Is Compulsively Watchable

The story deals with precisely the sort of messy, depressing ordeals in life we go to the movies to get away from, but the languid pace and occasional shots of off kilter wry humor allow it to never become such an overwhelming plunge into despair as to be unwatchable.

The Young Victoria [26.Apr.10]
An Education [26.Apr.10]
Good Hair [7.Mar.10]
Gamer [11.Feb.10]
Natalee Holloway [21.Jan.10]
That Was the GDR [12.Jan.10]
Every Little Step [16.Dec.09]
Drag Me to Hell [29.Oct.09]
Little Dorrit [14.Jul.09]
The Uninvited [18.May.09]
Tell No One [27.Apr.09]
Transporter 3 [14.Apr.09]
Killer at Large [5.Apr.09]
Hell on Wheels [30.Mar.09]
Fireproof [11.Mar.09]
Sounder [11.Feb.09]
Reaper: Season 1 [9.Feb.09]
Righteous Kill [4.Feb.09]
24: Redemption [7.Dec.08]
The Happening [9.Nov.08]
Noise [5.Nov.08]
Life: Season 1 [28.Oct.08]
Water Lilies [21.Oct.08]
Life in Cold Blood [12.Oct.08]
Picture This [18.Aug.08]
Shutter (2008) [4.Aug.08]
Vantage Point [20.Jul.08]
King [13.Jul.08]
The Final Season [1.May.08]
Abel Raises Cain [22.Apr.08]
Chaos [9.Apr.08]
Silk [25.Mar.08]
Shattered [27.Feb.08]
Darkon [24.Feb.08]
Time [1.Jan.08]
Talk to Me [28.Nov.07]
Breathless [20.Nov.07]
Bug [24.Oct.07]
Gracie [10.Oct.07]
Chalk [30.Sep.07]
Closure [17.Sep.07]
LOL [12.Sep.07]
The Mormons [30.Aug.07]
Neverwas [28.Aug.07]
In Debt We Trust [16.Aug.07]
La Sierra (2005) [22.Jul.07]
Free Zone (2005) [8.Jul.07]
Arang (2006) [6.Jun.07]
The Queen (2006) [29.Apr.07]
Hail Mary (1985) [7.Feb.07]
Little Man (2006) [13.Nov.06]


Thursday, July 18 2013

The 2013 Primetime Emmy Nominations Prove the Future is Now

Even while it mostly stands pat, Emmy’s surprise acknowledgment of Netflix original programming heralds mainstream success for a new broadcasting model.

Monday, April 1 2013

When It Comes to 'Happy Endings', Someone Up There Loves Us/Hates Us

ABC's new campaign to "Save Happy Endings" is a bold and contemptuous new parlay in the ongoing war between networks and audiences.

Tuesday, February 5 2013

Behold! The Most Awesomely Stupid -- and Stupidly Awesome -- Show on TV Right Now

Killer Karaoke is not the show anyone ever asked for... but it's the show we deserve.

Friday, January 25 2013

God Save The B----!

Why you – and ABC – should trust The B---- in Apt. 23.

Friday, April 30 2010

Let's Hear It for American Indies!

Best of the fest! Back to back screenings late into Saturday night restores this reviewer's faith in American indies and reaffirms the brilliance of Turkish-German director Fatih Akin at the Eighth Annual Independent Film Festival of Boston.

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