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Mike Ward


Thursday, January 4 2007

Dreaming Out Loud: Robert Altman at the IFC Center

Robert Altman's films often reveal in dreams the strangeness of being alive. This more than anything sums up the timeless greatness of Altman at his best, and starts to convey what’s lost when cinema is thought of as commodity rather than art.

Sunday, March 5 2006

May Angels Sing Thee Back to Mayberry: Don Knotts (1924-2006)

Knotts' characters would typically fail, but never so as to precipitate catastrophe; he would bumble, but he carried within him a certain virtuosity, which would come out when the story needed it.

Wednesday, November 9 2005

Benji the Inscrutable

Benji is a child's movie, complete with stereotyped characters, cheesy jokes, and goofy kid-pleasing pratfalls that make parents cringe. But its quiet moments verge sometimes, improbably, on the sublime.

Sunday, October 3 2004

The Silent Future

sterile and foreboding. Here, the modern worker goes home to a planned suburb of wide, empty sidewalks, landscaping devoid of birdsong, the soft blue glow of television sets pulsing through silent windows.

Thursday, May 6 2004

Godzilla vs. Godzilla

We have become dazzled with the illusion and the high-tech gadgetry that makes the monster move. As we gaze at Godzilla, this splendid embodiment of our modern might, we forget who he really is -- and we forget what we are proven capable of becoming, ourselves.


Thursday, May 8 2008

Godzilla: The Biggest Blockbuster

This summer's blockbusters got nothin' over the biggest, beastiest blockbuster of all...


Saturday, November 2 2013

'Big History' Takes a New Look at the Past and How It Shapes the Future

Big History the show, and big history, the discipline, may be just what we need to help solve the many problems facing us today.

Tuesday, August 27 2013

Our Old Fears are Made New Again in 'X-Ray' and 'Schizoid'

Both X-Ray and Schizoid are individual tests in a broader battery of mid-'70s / early ' 80s medical anxiety films.

Tuesday, April 30 2013

'New Girl' Is Going Nowhere

As someone who’s yet to eat whatever ergot is making everyone idolize Zooey Deschanel, my feelings toward her range from indifference to mild anxiety. I don’t want to stare longingly into her half-dollar-sized eyes; I find them unsettling.

Wednesday, December 19 2012

In the Not-Too-Distant Past: 'Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXV'

Joel Hodgson hands the hosting mantle to Mike Nelson for the sober thriller Kitten with a Whip, which nearly brings ignominy to MST3k by verging on being a decent movie.

Tuesday, July 10 2012

Attack of the Giant Innuendo: 'Elvira’s Movie Macabre: Giant Monsters'

Certain times, to wit late on any night or midday Sundays, tended to be captive to the sort of fare Elvira poked fun at, unless you happened to have a taste for infomercials or religious programming.

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