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Three Miles of Bad Road | 31 Oct 2004 // 6:00 PM

No matter that the coast is a mosquito-infested swampland and the region a well-worn corridor for house-destroying hurricanes, newly-created communities along this strip of eastern North Carolina attract wealthy retirees from the northern states. They come with their large sailboats, Lincoln Towncars, and an insatiable desire for golf. But when they emerge from their gated communities they rub elbows, so to speak, with the people who have lived here for generations; many accustomed to working 12 hours a day for minimum wage and no benefits.

godZ and Me | 6 May 2004 // 8:00 PM

Me and godZ -- fraternal twins of different mothers -- we have tried to curtail the anger within and, despite all odds against us, we feel we have made a positive impact.


Narrative Journeys | 25 Dec 2002 // 7:00 PM

I see it as the globalization of the Southern experience.

Hollering Therapy | 23 Jul 2002 // 8:00 PM

Confederate soldiers utilized the Rebel Yell to put fear into the hearts and souls of the Union Army. It also made them happy, I suspect, to holler in the woods.


The Schooling of Claybird Catts by Janis Owens | 7 Jun 2004 // 8:00 PM

Coming of age plots haven't gone out of style -- the term has. There's got to be a better phrase: Grow up or shut up. Reality excursions. Maturity madness.

The Week You Weren't Here by Charles Blackstone | 20 Jan 2004 // 7:00 PM

Critics must be fair in their evaluation of a book and they must explain their disappointment or their joy. They should, from time to time, recommend that others give a book a try -- that their analysis is not the final word.

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Treasuring Memories of Paul McCartney on 'One on One' Tour

// Notes from the Road

"McCartney welcomed Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt out for a song at Madison Square Garden.

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