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Negotiating the Dense and Boorish Clots, Or Shopping for Music | 21 Dec 2004 // 7:00 PM

Christmas shopping? Screw you guys, I'm staying home! by David Medsker - After 13 glorious years in Boston, New York, and Chicago, I knew that moving back to central Ohio to settle down would be a challenge.... There isn't a single decent record store for miles.

Best Music of 2003 | David Medsker | 30 Dec 2003 // 7:00 PM


Fluid Ounces: The Whole Shebang | 7 Apr 2005 // 6:00 PM

It's not always in a name as Fluid Ounces proves by deviating from the norm with a decidedly listenable album.

Cowboy Mouth: Easy | 23 Mar 2005 // 5:00 PM

Easy to reissue, easy to repackage. Hard to recapture your former glory.

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'Inside' and the Monstrosity of Collectivism

// Moving Pixels

"An ability to manipulate a collective is a hint at what a little boy's power as an individual might be.

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