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Erik Hinton


Monday, October 6 2008

The Seventh Seal of Smug

If hipsters really are the harbingers of cultural end-times, then what sort of apocalypse have they wrought?

Tuesday, August 26 2008

Who Can Save Us Now?

Sherlock Holmes, pudgy heroes, and Superman’s sexual prowess: an interview with Owen King.

Wednesday, April 16 2008

Accepting the Absurd via Super Smash Bros. Brawl

While video games will always adopt varying levels of verisimilitude, the Wii presents a novel challenge to the conventional consciousness, and that is an attack on realism.

Thursday, June 28 2007

Grotesque Neo-Realism: Discussing Martin Scorsese's Confounding Style

Obscenities, Catholic imagery, self-immolation, blood-soaked killing sprees and falling from grace: what lies beneath the surface of filmmaker Martin Scorsese's distinctive style?


Monday, November 23 2009

From Wonderland with Love

Just trying to make it through these thoroughly-other works, makes one believe that either they are the last living rubes who do not understand what is a now common tongue or that the comics were made by the craziest of crazy artists.

Wednesday, September 2 2009

Boody: The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers

Boody’s bizarre comics are Golden Age nuggets of an off-kilter author who found a particular release in his medium. This is the absurd with no absurd as context.

Monday, August 3 2009

32 Stories: The Complete Optic Nerve Mini-Comics

32 Stories effectively demonstrates how the dolorous ‘90s diary comic might pull itself out of the mire of its similar contemporary pieces. It is Tomine’s command of form that ultimately redeems the genre.

Wednesday, July 15 2009

Chicken with Plums

Before even opening Chicken with Plums it is apparent that the book will have to go beyond the cultural seduction of Persepolis if Satrapi’s career is to become anything other than a one-note veil dance.

Monday, July 6 2009

Moomin Book Four

Moomin owes much of its unique brilliance to its inversion of traditional argumentation. Whereas it is not unusual for an essay to recourse to fantastic thought experiment to complement its strict reasoning, Moomin builds strictly verisimilar situations out of an aesthetics of wild illogic.

Beaufort [6.Nov.08]
La Ronde [20.Oct.08]
Only the Valiant [7.Aug.08]
Vanaja [18.Jun.08]
La Chinoise [21.May.08]
Le Gai savoir [13.May.08]
M by Jon J. Muth [5.May.08]
Cloverfield [20.Apr.08]
Death at a Funeral [12.Mar.08]
Southern Cross [7.Feb.08]
The Killer [14.Jan.08]
Transformers [25.Oct.07]
Tokko, Vol. 3 [15.Oct.07]
Silk [11.Sep.07]
Tokko, Vol. 2 [8.Aug.07]
Monsieur N (2003) [14.Jun.07]
Mendy (2006) [11.Mar.07]


Monday, August 24 2009

Faction #0

Faction reads almost like an indie press catalogue.

Thursday, November 22 2007

Bookmarks: Misshapes by Geordon Nicol

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