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L.B. Jeffries
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L.B. Jeffries is the pseudonym of a law student from South Carolina. After majoring in English, L.B. wandered around the resort scene in California, taught a little creative writing in Vermont, and ended up dead broke on the lower east side of Manhattan. A year of working for the government convinced him that there are some things worse than death so he took the LSAT. He continues to maintain his sanity and artistic sensibilities by posting a weekly on the PopMatters blog, ‘Moving Pixels’, providing game reviews, and whatever else captures his fancy.


Monday, January 18 2010

The Film Noir Roots of Cowboy Bebop

The animated series Cowboy Bebop is a blend of classic film noir motifs mixed into a futuristic setting that reverses the roles of gender and character.

Tuesday, September 29 2009

The New American Spook Country

Spook Country is about America’s loss of innocence, its various ways of remembering the past, and an attempt to find a way of reconciling those memories with the present.

Wednesday, June 17 2009

The New Games Journalism

The most useful moments for New Games Journalists are ones that occur in multiplayer, describing experiences that could never occur during just a general session of play.

Tuesday, March 17 2009

Does Video Game Criticism Need a Pauline Kael?

Kael, much like video game critics today, was faced with a massive philosophical shift in her chosen artistic medium that large quantities of critics were against.

Sunday, November 30 2008

Does Video Game Criticism Need a Lester Bangs?

Part of the reason Lester Bangs was a great rock critic was because he reflected the virtues and vices of his medium. Yet as a critic Bangs provided a lot of personal standards that could be easily applied to multiple mediums.


Sunday, October 3 2010

Shattered Horrors: Fragmented Perspectives in 'Fatal Frame 2'

Leaving the dark unspeakable evil unexplained is best because the moment that you reduce such horror to words or images, the player’s imagination no longer feeds it.

Monday, July 26 2010

Morality in Mystery Dungeon: 'Shiren the Wanderer'

The moral of Shiren the Wanderer is one of the few that only a game can truly teach; aspects of the story, new locations, items, and characters all have far more emotional resonance if we have to struggle for them.

Monday, May 31 2010

My Own Private Architecture

When you get to know those hallways during your game experience, when you think of them as hubs wherein change occurs rather than mere passageways, that’s when the transition from a designed space to a personalized space begins.

Monday, April 5 2010

The Mass Appeal of Farmville

By integrating itself into Facebook’s social network, Farmville magnifies a sense of accomplishment because the challenges come from the way that you are perceived by a community, rather than on the whims of an unknown developer.

Monday, February 1 2010

The Art of Place in Hitman: Blood Money

A game isn’t just its content or game design alone, but rather, the space created when all these pieces come together.


Sunday, December 5 2010

Dragon's Lair Trilogy

There’s still no video game quite like this, but that probably has more to do with the death of the arcade rather than with the nature of the game itself.

Tuesday, November 16 2010

Saw II: Flesh and Blood

Conceptually the series was always a modernized take of the morality horror films of the '70s and '80s, modern in this case being a combination of the rhetoric of Fight Club alongside video game elements.

Tuesday, October 19 2010

Dawn of Heroes

On paper, a simplified tactical RPG probably sounds like a good idea. Games like Pokemon have shown that the formula can deliver to younger audiences. The reason that Dawn of Heroes bombs is that it doesn’t really pay attention to what the player wants to do in this type of game.

Thursday, September 23 2010

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

For longtime fans of horror games, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a breath of fresh air in a genre that is now more about thrills than genuine fear.

Sunday, June 6 2010

Iron Man 2

The game has the charming habit of freezing intermittently, which I discovered when it did so in the opening cut scene. I’m not sure if the error ever repeats because I got pretty comfortable skipping the plot after a while.

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Wednesday, December 1 2010

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Frictional Games, PC) [$19.95]

Monday, October 11 2010

On Design-Centric Game Criticism

L.B. Jeffries bids adieu to the Moving Pixels audience, but before he goes, he has a few words to share about writing game criticism, noting that "the difference between a critical analysis and a game FAQ is that somebody who has never played the game can still gain something from good analysis."

Monday, October 4 2010

Music, Space, And Your House

"If you grew up thinking that the stage/arena show is what live music is supposed to be, it’s jarring to be confronted with a band playing two feet in front of you, running into you, spitting in your face, hitting you with their instruments."

Tuesday, September 28 2010

The Multimedia Diet

People may not listen when they feel like they're being preached at, but raw data has a voice all its own.

Monday, September 20 2010

Filling in the Details in Video Game Worlds

When an author constructs an entire world, they tend to want to show it off as much as possible and provide explanations to game players. That's when games get stuck, especially if borrowing from sci-fi or fantasy literature.

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