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Deanne Sole


Tuesday, March 31 2009

WOMADelaide 2009

From the fanaticism that surrounded Seun Kuti’s Saturday night performance to the seated crowd that succumbed to Dona Rosa’s smile, WOMADelaide was a mix of sights, styles, and instruments.

Wednesday, December 10 2008

The Best World Music of 2008

Albums from India, Central America, Australia, Quebec, and Ethiopia are but a globetrotting fraction of the year's best music from around the world.

Tuesday, July 8 2008

Saint Vinnie

Deanne Sole journeys Melbourne's charity outlets, exploring the fundamentals of the down under St. Vincent de Paul outlet: Bargains, surprises, drunks.

Monday, December 17 2007

Kids Don't Go and Buy Anything Out of This Section: World Music 2007

As a category world music is both useful and frustrating. It puts CDs on the shelves and prevents people picking them up. It is the other-than category: other-than rock, other-than indie, other-than everything. It is the whole world and nothing definite.

Monday, December 11 2006

East and West: World Music in 2006

From Thailand to Tanzania, from France to Cuba and Romania: Deanne Sole's wrap-up of the year's best world music trips the globe fantastic.


Thursday, March 27 2014

Abelardo Carbonó: Maravilloso Mundo De Abelardo Carbonó

It's the sparkle of the mid-century rumba guitar and its northwest descendents that Carbono seems to love most.

Monday, March 24 2014

De Temps Antan: Ce Monde Ici-Bas

Honkytonk Québécois folklore with lots of stomp.

Thursday, March 6 2014

Mar Seck: Vagabonde: From Super Cap-Vert to Number One, Unreleased recordings 1969-1980

This voice, so romantic, so gently strong, so willing to let its 18-year-old falsetto break in half over a note in "Sibouten".

Tuesday, February 25 2014

Mamani Keita: Kanou

Kanou is a pop-rock album and it's also an impatient album. It never uses four seconds to get a motif across if it can do it in three.

Tuesday, February 25 2014

Lobi Traoré: Bamako Nights: Live at Bar Bozo 1995

The man in his element.

Ramesh: Ramesh [14.Aug.13]
2cellos: In2ition [12.May.13]
Ana Moura: Desfado [12.Apr.13]
Nuru Kane: Exile [9.Apr.13]
BLO: Step Three [7.Aug.12]
Neung Phak: 2 [26.Jul.12]
Sagapool: Sagapool [29.Mar.12]
Kufuki: Kufuki [20.Feb.12]
Frigg: Grannen [16.Oct.11]
O Bando: O Bando [11.Aug.11]
Rob: Funky Rob Way [15.Jun.11]
Embrujo: Embrujo [6.Apr.11]
Ami Dang: Hukam [5.Apr.11]
Aurelio: Laru Beya [28.Feb.11]
Telepath: Crush [21.Feb.11]
Donso: Donso [1.Dec.10]
Aias: A La Piscina [30.Nov.10]
Carlou D: Muzikr [13.Oct.10]
Amabutho: Sikelela [19.Sep.10]
Trúbrot: Trúbrot [29.Aug.10]
Óðmenn: Óðmenn [24.Aug.10]
Lúnasa: Lá Nua [27.May.10]
Amanaz: Africa [5.May.10]
SambaDá: Gente! [25.Feb.10]
Razia: Zebu Nation [23.Feb.10]
Fredrik: Trilogi [18.Feb.10]
Mai Lev: Birthday [17.Jan.10]
Kiila: Tuota Tuota [23.Sep.09]
Jaqee: Kokoo Girl [23.Aug.09]
Lura: Eclipse [17.Aug.09]
Mamer: Eagle [24.Jun.09]
Musk Ox: Musk Ox [21.May.09]
Yonlu: Yonlu [14.Apr.09]
The Isles: Troika [25.Mar.09]
Asa: Asa (Asha) [9.Mar.09]
Bio Ritmo: Bionico [10.Nov.08]
Tagaq: Auk/Blood [16.Sep.08]
Lia Ices: Necima [3.Sep.08]
Funkadesi: Yo Baba [25.Aug.08]
Kakande: Dununya [28.Jul.08]
Sa Dingding: Alive [27.Jul.08]
Isol / Zypce: Sima [29.Jun.08]
Sonantes: Sonantes [22.Jun.08]
Toumast: Ishumar [2.Mar.08]
Pascal: Galgberget [26.Feb.08]
CéU: Remixed EP [10.Jan.08]
Saba: Jidka [15.Oct.07]
Circo: Cursi [3.Oct.07]
Nawal: Aman [29.Aug.07]
Various: Colombia! [15.Jul.07]
Islaja: Ulual YYY [21.Jun.07]
Various: Merdeka [18.Jun.07]
Burbuja: Burbuja [9.May.07]
Z: Mikabe [26.Feb.07]
Bunalim: Bunalim [18.Jan.07]
Kamijo: Martha [11.Jan.07]
Boom Pam: Boom Pam [11.Dec.06]
Tartit: Abacabok [9.Nov.06]
Dýrðin: Dýrðin [30.Oct.06]
Lataye: Tou Manbre [19.Sep.06]
Kad: Société [18.Sep.06]
JPP: Artology [5.Sep.06]
Lulendo: Angola [8.Aug.06]
Kal: Kal [16.May.06]
Nuru Kane: Sigil [16.Mar.06]
Samite: Embalasasa [26.Feb.06]
Frigg: Oasis [20.Dec.05]


Wednesday, December 12 2012

Bubbling Under the Top 75: Filastine - 'LOOT'

PopMatters spotlights a few additional 2012 albums that didn't quite crack the Best 75 list.

Friday, December 18 2009

Various Artists: Legends of Benin

Various Artists: Legends of Benin - Analog Africa [$25.98]

Sunday, September 20 2009

Lovesong by Elizabeth Jolley

Thursday, August 27 2009

Bible Readings for the Home Circle

Miss MacIntosh, My Darling (Re:Print) [28.Apr.09]
Ann Radcliffe (Re:Print) [19.Sep.08]
In appreciation: Bruno Schulz (Re:Print) [2.Oct.07]
The great Christina Stead (Re:Print) [24.Sep.07]
Author appreciation: Henry Treece (Re:Print) [13.Aug.07]
Depth of Field: Big Girls and Little Heroes (Short Ends and Leader) [19.Jun.07]


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