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Timothy Gabriele
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Timothy Gabriele is a writer who studied English and Film at the University of Massachussetts at Amherst.  He currently lives in the New Haven, CT region with his family.  His column, The Difference Engine, appears regularly at PopMatters.  He can be found blogging at 555 Enterprises.


Sunday, March 15 2015

Uncool Britannia: Radiohead's 'The Bends' vs. Britpop in a Battle for the Soul of Britain

The successors to Radiohead and The Bends are a generation who liked how the film started, but lost the script halfway through.

Sunday, June 10 2012

The Sky Is Falling: Images of Mass Destruction in 'The Avengers'

If you find yourself in a Hollywood film this summer and you’re not wearing a cape, watch out for falling debris.

Wednesday, February 1 2012

After Cease to Exist: The Far-from-Final Report of Throbbing Gristle

After a British government official declared them "Wreckers of Civilization", Throbbing Gristle understood their mission -- to destroy the Control society.

Monday, October 25 2010

What Was It That You Tried to Say? The Degeneration of the Voice in 'Kid A'

For being one of the defining albums of its time, Kid A certainly doesn't have much to say -- or at least that's what the band wants you to think. The band's thoughts on losing one's voice in an increasingly individualistic society suddenly takes on a much greater potency.

Thursday, September 24 2009

Various Artists: Factory Records: Communications 1978-92

Factory Records was as influential in design, sound production, and defining what a label could be as it was in music.


Monday, March 5 2012

The Audibly Deteriorating Landscape

The ruins of Detroit identified a past that stands in contrast with Techno's futurism, but do the foreclosed homes, uninhabited luxury condos, and padlocked storefronts provide any kind of guide to tomorrow's music?

Wednesday, January 4 2012

2011: Music’s Most Electronic Year Yet

Vestigial organs like industrial music and the radio dial proved vital in 2011, while house and dubstep were invaded by hordes of uninvited outsiders, proving once again that electronic and plugged-in music is at the vanguard of change throughout the world.

Sunday, October 9 2011

The Survival of the Industrial Sonic in a Deindustrialized West

In the '90s, industrial music crossed over into the mainstream with heavy guitar and massive personalities, but blue collar labor itself was disappearing...

Sunday, July 10 2011

Techno’s Labor Force, Rock’s Betrayal, and the Birth of the Fascist Groove Thing

Electronic music has always maintained an ambivalent attitude towards labor, at once rejecting the notion of wage internment and creative inhibition while embracing the beauty of the cyborgian mechanics of the factory and the allure of discipline and dominance.

Thursday, January 27 2011

The Science of Sleep: The Electronic Lullaby

In the age of access, it’s possible that Raymond Scott, Kraftwerk, and ARP may become as essential tools for infant soothing as “Rock-A-Bye Baby”.


Tuesday, March 26 2013

Boody & Le1F: Liquid

Let those who wish to use LE1f's eccentric riddims and synth-gurgle flow as a novelty cause to do so. If it brings more ears to the table, minds and speakers will be blown in the process.

Wednesday, March 13 2013

Holly Herndon: Movement

This is an album predicated on the foregrounding of the voice as both instrument and element. With her passions split between dance and experimental music, Herndon opts for neither while arguing for both.

Monday, February 25 2013

Ital: Dream On

Ital's second album of 2012 is an interpolation of other dance music complicated by a caring and careful disregard of tropes.

Wednesday, February 6 2013

Forma: Off/On

Forma make pristine cosmic electronic soundtracks, now with more drums.

Tuesday, January 29 2013

Container: LP

A brutal collection of grainy technoise that is essential listening, even though it replicates the exact blueprint of its predecessor, also called LP.

Emika: Emika [14.Mar.12]
Roska: Rinse 15 [1.Dec.11]
Walls: Coracle [25.Oct.11]
Pure X: Pleasure [29.Aug.11]
Gray: Shades Of... [13.Jun.11]
ANBB: Mimikry [13.Apr.11]
Pinch: Get Up [2.Mar.11]
Vex'd: Cloud Seed [14.Jul.10]
Actress: Splazsh [30.Jun.10]
Martyn: Fabric 50 [24.May.10]
Caribou: Swim [20.Apr.10]
Moebius: Tonspuren [18.Apr.10]
Chris Lake: Crazy [29.Oct.09]
Air: Love 2 [13.Oct.09]
Tadeo: Contacto [21.May.09]
Elegi: Varde [20.May.09]
Moderat: Moderat [30.Apr.09]
Luomo: Convivial [23.Feb.09]
Helios: Caesura [27.Jan.09]
The Alps: III [20.Nov.08]
Pole: 1 2 3 [10.Sep.08]
Estelle: Shine [27.May.08]
Air: Moon Safari [17.Apr.08]
Boxcutter: Glyphic [30.Jan.08]


Friday, November 18 2011

Cooly G - "Landscapes" (video)

Thursday, September 1 2011

Pal198X Informercial by Neon Indian

Neon Indian has created a late night video oddity that is the perfect blend of eerie and nostalgic for the heady arthouse sci-fi camp of SubGenius propoganda films.

Plaid - "35 Summers" (video) (Mixed Media) [8.Aug.11]
Synkro - "Look at Yourself" (video) (Mixed Media) [25.Jul.11]
Ekoplekz - "Uncanny Riddim" (video) (Mixed Media) [27.Jun.11]
Grouper - "I Saw a Ray" (video) (Mixed Media) [22.Jun.11]
Com Truise - "Fairlight" (video) (Mixed Media) [22.Jun.11]
Kangding Ray - "OR" (video) (Mixed Media) [21.Jun.11]
Tropic of Cancer - "Be Brave" (video) (Mixed Media) [20.Jun.11]
Memory Tapes - "Yes I Know" (video) (Mixed Media) [15.Jun.11]
Wet Hair - "Labor of Love" (video) (Mixed Media) [26.May.11]
Lapalux - "Kelly Brook" (video) (Mixed Media) [9.May.11]
Konx-Om-Pax - "Live A/V Jam" (video) (Mixed Media) [5.May.11]
Jacques Greene - "Tell Me" (video) (Mixed Media) [3.May.11]
Grouper - "Alien Observation" (video) (Mixed Media) [21.Apr.11]
Shackleton & Strawalde Collaboration (Mixed Media) [8.Mar.11]
Protect-U - "U-Uno" (video) (Mixed Media) [6.Mar.11]
Matias Aguayo - "Ritmo Juarez" (video) (Mixed Media) [16.Feb.11]
Sepalcure - 'Fleur' EP Teaser (Mixed Media) [16.Dec.10]
Deftones - "Sextape" (video) (Mixed Media) [1.Dec.10]
Forest Swords - "Hjurt (Pariah Mix)" (Mixed Media) [24.Nov.10]
Games - "Shadows in Bloom" (video) (Mixed Media) [16.Nov.10]
Tamaryn - "Dawning" (video) (Mixed Media) [2.Nov.10]
White Car - "No Better" (video) (Mixed Media) [31.Oct.10]
Pinch - "The Boxer" (video) (Mixed Media) [28.Oct.10]
PVT - "Light Up Bright Fires" (video) (Mixed Media) [18.Oct.10]
Avey Tare - "Lucky 1" (video) (Mixed Media) [17.Oct.10]
Kelis - "Scream" (video) (Mixed Media) [11.Oct.10]
Nosaj Thing - "Coat of Arms" (video) (Mixed Media) [6.Oct.10]
Darkstar - "Gold" (video) (Mixed Media) [3.Oct.10]
Donaeo - "I'm Fly" (video) (Mixed Media) [1.Oct.10]
LV feat Okmalumkoolkat - Boomslang (Mixed Media) [7.Sep.10]
Mount Kimbie - "Would Know" (video) (Mixed Media) [3.Sep.10]
V for Vacancy (Channel Surfing) [4.Nov.09]
Cloaks - R.F.I.D (stream) (Mixed Media) [16.Sep.09]
Low - "Transmission" (video) (Mixed Media) [31.Jul.09]
Steel Harmony - "Transmission" (video) (Mixed Media) [31.Jul.09]
Disco's Not Dead (Sound Affects) [13.Jul.09]
The Texturalists vs. The End of Time (Sound Affects) [13.Nov.08]
A Prehistory of the Pandemic (Sound Affects) [17.Jul.08]
Who Listens to Music These Days? (Sound Affects) [13.Jul.08]
The Threat Posed By Girl Talk's New Album (Sound Affects) [19.Jun.08]
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