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Mike Schiller

Mike Schiller is a software engineer in Buffalo, NY who enjoys filling the free time he finds with media of any sort—music, movies, and lately, video games.  Stepping into the role of PopMatters Multimedia editor in 2006 after having written music and game reviews for two years previous, he has renewed his passion for gaming to levels not seen since his fondly-remembered college days of ethernet-enabled dorm rooms and all-night Goldeneye marathons.  His three children unconditionally approve of their father’s most recent set of obsessions.


Thursday, January 3 2008

David Bowie and the Crisis Pentalogy

The recently-released David Bowie Box documents the ten years or so before Bowie's heart attack, during which he worked his way through his midlife crisis.

Wednesday, August 22 2007

Foo Fighters: The Colour and the Shape

For anyone who experienced the heyday of Nirvana, it's still surreal that the lanky, string-haired drummer is the guy who'd be on magazine covers and writing #1 rock radio hits 15 years later.

Wednesday, July 5 2006

We Can Rebuild Him: Bionic Commando

Open-ended gameplay, environmental interactivity, bionic arms, and exploding Nazis... on the Nintendo Entertainment System? Mike Schiller explains why the old-school classic Bionic Commando had it all.

Monday, October 3 2005

Moon Musick: Coil's Musick to Play in the Dark

In which Schiller discovers beauty and majesty that he never thought possible in experimental electronic music.

Tuesday, May 3 2005


Akron/Family creates a world of sonic pastiche so carefully crafted that the band had to develop their own philosophy/creed just to categorize it for themselves, and the result is a gorgeous and complicated exploration of song and sound.


Monday, November 10 2008

Retro-ing Games

The disparity in the approaches Capcom took to Mega Man 9 and Bionic Commando beg the question: what do we want out of a "retro" experience?

Tuesday, September 16 2008

But Where is the Art?

They might make you think, they might make you cringe, they might inspire revulsion or admiration, but are they "art"? A look at some borderline videogames.

Monday, June 2 2008


Let's set aside judging a game purely by the game play or plot, and analyze the actual experience of the game, instead.

Wednesday, April 30 2008

The Game World / Real World Interface

"Interfacing" is Moving Pixels' way of taking a look at the tenuous relationship between the gaming world and the real world, and the awkwardness and enlightenment that the intersections between the two can achieve.


Wednesday, June 25 2014

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Even calling the seven women of Conception II "heroines" is almost disingenuous, since it's clear from the start of the game who the hero is and who the "help" is.

Wednesday, June 11 2014

LEGO The Hobbit

Thank God for the LEGO games.

Friday, April 4 2014

'LUFTRAUSERS': Perfectly Balanced Chaos

LUFTRAUSERS excels by offering balance in its mechanics and majesty in its presentation.

Sunday, March 23 2014

'Strider': New School, Old School

Strider in 2014 isn't just fun. It feels relevant

Sunday, March 16 2014

One Piece: Romance Dawn

The decision to take an approach to the story that leaves it clipped and juvenile at best and utterly unintelligible at worst is the most egregious of the game's many poorly-designed elements.

GRID 2 [16.Jul.13]
Papo & Yo [16.May.13]
SimCity [28.Mar.13]
Ninja Sprint [20.Jan.13]
Okami HD [2.Dec.12]
Rigonauts [18.Sep.12]
Quantum Conundrum [10.Jul.12]
Bang Bang Racing [9.Jul.12]
Trials Evolution [20.May.12]
Asura's Wrath [29.Mar.12]
Nils Frahm: Felt [5.Feb.12]
Mist: House [19.Jan.12]
Happy Feet Two [14.Dec.11]
Tetris Axis [13.Dec.11]
Rock of Ages [20.Nov.11]
Cherri Bomb: Stark [30.Oct.11]
Radiant Silvergun [29.Sep.11]
Baron Bane: LPTO [31.Aug.11]
Xylos: Xylos [3.Aug.11]
F.E.A.R. 3 [28.Jul.11]
Deathsmiles IIX [10.Jul.11]
L.A. Noire [9.Jun.11]
Dels: GOB [22.May.11]
Yar's Revenge [22.May.11]
Moby: Destroyed [15.May.11]
Kreidler: Tank [21.Apr.11]
Jekyll and Hyde [5.Apr.11]
Merzbow: Merzbient [24.Mar.11]
Beans: End It All [22.Feb.11]
ilomilo [27.Jan.11]
MicroBot [20.Jan.11]
Rock of the Dead [14.Nov.10]
We Love: We Love [10.Nov.10]
aKido: Gamechanger [20.Oct.10]
Halo: Reach [30.Sep.10]
Shank [16.Sep.10]
Napoo: Napoo [18.Aug.10]
Reboot: Shunyata [17.Aug.10]
Deathsmiles [15.Aug.10]
Recoil: Selected [2.Aug.10]
Eminem: Recovery [21.Jun.10]
Trauma Team [20.Jun.10]
BLK JKS: ZOL! [6.Jun.10]
Krokus: Hoodoo [21.May.10]
Univox: Univox [10.May.10]
Ragnarok DS [4.Apr.10]
Chew Lips: Unicorn [24.Mar.10]
Eluvium: Similes [4.Mar.10]
InLove: Stories [8.Feb.10]
Torchlight [7.Feb.10]
Tony Hawk: Ride [17.Jan.10]
Band Hero [14.Jan.10]
Spore Hero [6.Dec.09]
DJ Hero [19.Nov.09]
Katsen: It Hertz! [11.Nov.09]
Rival Consoles: IO [26.Oct.09]
Trine [11.Oct.09]
Guitar Hero 5 [13.Sep.09]
Johan: 4 [31.Aug.09]
CéU: Vagarosa [5.Aug.09]
Klonoa [18.Jun.09]
Tiga: Ciao! [1.Jun.09]
KMFDM: Blitz [30.Mar.09]
Trackmania DS [22.Mar.09]
Dracula: Origin [23.Sep.08]
Deca Sports [13.Jul.08]
Kung Fu Panda [8.Jul.08]
Haale: No Ceiling [10.Jun.08]
Scald: Fluke [27.May.08]
Walk the Line [11.May.08]
Cirkus: Laylower [11.May.08]
My Horse & Me [25.Mar.08]
Mario Party DS [6.Mar.08]
Pretendo: II [5.Mar.08]
Into the Wild [4.Mar.08]
Coburn: Coburn [23.Jan.08]
Vitus [20.Jan.08]
Flipper Critters [8.Jan.08]
Lego Fever [13.Dec.07]
Ratatouille [26.Nov.07]
Super Mario Galaxy [25.Nov.07]
Ratatouille [19.Nov.07]
Alog: Amateur [10.Oct.07]
ATB: Trilogy [8.Oct.07]
Us3: Say What!? [26.Sep.07]
rhacp [19.Sep.07]
Offside [9.Sep.07]
Brain Age 2 [3.Sep.07]
Au: Au [19.Aug.07]
Ozma: Pasadena [13.Aug.07]
Svoy: Eclectric [7.Aug.07]
Apparat: Walls [1.Aug.07]
Fridge: The Sun [19.Jun.07]
Glint: Mode to Joy [18.Jun.07]
Yvat: Chroma [29.May.07]
Mnemic: Passenger [14.May.07]
Lumines Plus [6.May.07]
Xbxrx: Wars [6.May.07]
Kilo: Kilo [1.May.07]
Ollo: The If If [12.Apr.07]
Minmae: 835 [2.Apr.07]
Laibach: Volk [15.Feb.07]
Gescom: MiniDisc [23.Jan.07]
Sparta: Threes [22.Jan.07]
Glow Worm [16.Jan.07]
Johan: THX JHN [3.Jan.07]
Faithless: 3D [17.Dec.06]
Hotspur: Beta [19.Nov.06]
Autovaughn: Space [13.Nov.06]
Chingy: Hoodstar [1.Nov.06]
Steril: Realism [31.Oct.06]
Headman: On [29.Oct.06]
Sublime: Sublime [14.Sep.06]
Helios: Eingya [13.Sep.06]
Mint: Magnetism [11.Sep.06]
Zox: The Wait [14.Aug.06]
Cars [13.Jul.06]
Camille: Le Fil [4.Jul.06]
Tolcha: Gestalt [5.Jun.06]
Guitar: Tokyo [1.May.06]
Super XX Man: X [24.Apr.06]
Rah Bras: WHOHM [10.Apr.06]
Hush: Bulletproof [15.Mar.06]
Sevendust: Next [26.Feb.06]
Quio: Like Oooh [16.Feb.06]
INXS: Switch [3.Jan.06]
33Hz: 33Hz [20.Jun.05]
Hater: The 2nd [14.Jun.05]
Cex: Know Doubt [6.Jun.05]
Melk: Sports [15.May.05]
Jane: Berserker [26.Apr.05]
Múm: Dusk Log [3.Jan.05]
Rah Bras: EPS [20.Sep.04]
Cars [31.Dec.94]


Monday, December 20 2010

Uncharted 2: Game of the Year Edition

Uncharted 2: Game of the Year Edition [$64.95]

Friday, December 17 2010

Halo Reach

Halo Reach (Microsoft, XBox 360) [$59.99]

Wednesday, December 15 2010

Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City

Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City (Nintendo DS) [$29.99]

Monday, October 18 2010

Sacrificing Horror for the Sake of Human Competition

Contextually, multiplayer doesn't make much sense in a game like Dead Space, so the context needs to change.

Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper (Consuming Consumables) [18.Dec.09]
Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (Consuming Consumables) [8.Dec.09]
My World My Way (Consuming Consumables) [7.Dec.09]
Trackmania DS (Consuming Consumables) [30.Nov.09]
On the Creation of a Successful Trailer (Moving Pixels) [7.Jun.09]
Nintendo's Niceness Problem (Moving Pixels) [3.Jun.09]
TWiG 2009-04-13: But Who's Collecting It? (Moving Pixels) [12.Apr.09]
TWiG 2009-04-05: Puzzle Quest Gone Hexic (Moving Pixels) [5.Apr.09]
TWiG 2009-03-23: Devil Fingers in the Air (Moving Pixels) [22.Mar.09]
NOBY NOBY BOY and the New PS3 Paradigm (Moving Pixels) [26.Feb.09]
Puzzle Quest: Embracing the Dissonance (Moving Pixels) [18.Feb.09]
TWiG 2009-01-26: 1987, All Over Again (Moving Pixels) [25.Jan.09]
TWiG 2009-01-19: Old Shooters Made New (Moving Pixels) [18.Jan.09]
Why Gears 2's Story Works (Moving Pixels) [9.Jan.09]
RIP EGM (Moving Pixels) [8.Jan.09]
Dr. Seuss Lives on in World of Goo (Moving Pixels) [30.Dec.08]
The Zendesk FM3 Buddha Machine Wall (Moving Pixels) [23.Dec.08]
Looking for a Banana Pepper Martini? (Moving Pixels) [23.Dec.08]
HEADPLAY Personal Cinema System (Consuming Consumables) [12.Dec.08]
Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ (Consuming Consumables) [10.Dec.08]
World of Goo (Consuming Consumables) [9.Dec.08]
Active Life: Outdoor Challenge (Consuming Consumables) [7.Dec.08]
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (Consuming Consumables) [4.Dec.08]
Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party (Consuming Consumables) [4.Dec.08]
Neopets Puzzle Adventure (Consuming Consumables) [1.Dec.08]
Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy (Consuming Consumables) [30.Nov.08]
Rock Band 2 Special Edition Bundle (Consuming Consumables) [26.Nov.08]
PlayStation 3 160GB Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Pack (Consuming Consumables) [25.Nov.08]
TWiG 2008-11-09: Call In Sick Week (Moving Pixels) [9.Nov.08]
TWiG 2008-10-27: Hello, PS3! (Moving Pixels) [26.Oct.08]
TWiG 2008-10-06: LucasArts Branches Out (Moving Pixels) [5.Oct.08]
TWiG 2008-09-14: The Force Unveiled (Moving Pixels) [14.Sep.08]
TWiG 2008-09-08: The Return of the Rock (Moving Pixels) [7.Sep.08]
TWiG 2008-09-01: The Coming of the Spore (Moving Pixels) [31.Aug.08]
TWiG 2008-08-25: A Week with the Shovel (Moving Pixels) [24.Aug.08]
TWiG 2008-08-11: Madden or a Bionic Arm? (Moving Pixels) [11.Aug.08]
Dual Analog Shooters Go Commando (Moving Pixels) [31.Jul.08]
TWiG 2008-07-28: Yoda vs. the Dodecahedron (Moving Pixels) [27.Jul.08]
The Bright Side of E3 (Moving Pixels) [23.Jul.08]
TWiG 2008-07-21: The E3 Hangover (Moving Pixels) [21.Jul.08]
TWiG 2008-07-14: E3 Week! (Moving Pixels) [13.Jul.08]
The Joy of the Vintage Shop (Moving Pixels) [10.Jul.08]
Mystified by the Cult of Chrono Trigger (Moving Pixels) [2.Jul.08]
The Week in Games: Like a Surgeon (Hey!) (Moving Pixels) [30.Jun.08]
TWiG 2008-06-23: The Spoils of Summer (Moving Pixels) [23.Jun.08]
Jack Thompson Finds Rock Bottom (Moving Pixels) [11.Jun.08]
TWiG 2008-06-02: The Ninja Returns! (Moving Pixels) [2.Jun.08]
TWiG 2008-05-26: What's in a Name? (Moving Pixels) [25.May.08]
The Power of the Meta (Moving Pixels) [22.May.08]
Indie Spotlight: Debrysis (Moving Pixels) [20.May.08]
A Four-Leaf Clover Goes Platinum (Moving Pixels) [15.May.08]
Seen Any Good Trailers Lately? (Moving Pixels) [13.May.08]
TWiG 2008-05-12: Enter the Drones (Moving Pixels) [11.May.08]
WiiWare Cometh! (Moving Pixels) [8.May.08]
Do You Miss the Pencil and Paper? (Moving Pixels) [6.May.08]
Why We Can't All Just Get Along (Moving Pixels) [1.May.08]
Guitar Hero's Branches Turn to Twigs (Moving Pixels) [30.Apr.08]
Re-Evaluating the Wii Wheel (Moving Pixels) [29.Apr.08]
TWiG 2008-04-28: As If There's a Choice (Moving Pixels) [27.Apr.08]
Can Korn Help Sell a Game? (Moving Pixels) [24.Apr.08]
Soon Parted, or Soon to Arrive? (Moving Pixels) [22.Apr.08]
TWiG 2008-04-21: We Need a New Acronym! (Moving Pixels) [20.Apr.08]
Searching for the Next Wii Sports (Moving Pixels) [18.Apr.08]
A Baseball Experience for the Ex-Core (Moving Pixels) [15.Apr.08]
A Bucket of Chicken With a Side of Guilt (Moving Pixels) [11.Apr.08]
Swag Tells a Story (Moving Pixels) [8.Apr.08]
Gyruss and the Art of the Arcade Port (Moving Pixels) [1.Apr.08]
TWiG 2008-03-31: Slim Pickings (Moving Pixels) [31.Mar.08]
Grand Theft Auto Goes...Social? (Moving Pixels) [27.Mar.08]
An Axis of Evil to Get Behind (Moving Pixels) [26.Mar.08]
A Cure for the Itch (Moving Pixels) [25.Mar.08]
TWiG 2008-03-24: The Appeal of the Unknown (Moving Pixels) [23.Mar.08]
Hii is Risen! (Moving Pixels) [20.Mar.08]
Learning to Dance for Flannigan's Ball (Moving Pixels) [19.Mar.08]
Surfin' the Sound Waves (Moving Pixels) [17.Mar.08]
Welcome to Moving Pixels! (Moving Pixels) [13.Mar.08]
Dementium: The Ward - Nintendo DS [$29.99] (Consuming Consumables) [17.Dec.07]
American Idol Talent Challenge [$49.99] (Consuming Consumables) [12.Dec.07]
Sam & Max: Season 1 - PC [$29.99] (Consuming Consumables) [10.Dec.07]
Jars of Clay - Christmas Songs [$17.98] (Consuming Consumables) [8.Dec.07]
Fishing Master - Wii [$29.99] (Consuming Consumables) [6.Dec.07]
MySims - Nintendo DS [$29.99] (Consuming Consumables) [3.Dec.07]
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes - Sony PSP [$39.99] (Consuming Consumables) [2.Dec.07]
Dean Martin - Christmas with Dino [$18.98] (Consuming Consumables) [29.Nov.07]
Crysis - PC [$49.99] (Consuming Consumables) [26.Nov.07]
Super Mario Galaxy - Wii [$49.99] (Consuming Consumables) [25.Nov.07]
Quake Wars: Enemy Territory - PC [$49.99] (Consuming Consumables) [20.Nov.07]
Namco Museum DS [$19.99] (Consuming Consumables) [19.Nov.07]
SingStar Rocks (Playstation 2) (Consuming Consumables) [13.Dec.06]
PLAY - Bully: Playstation 2 (Consuming Consumables) [7.Dec.06]
PLAY - The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack (PC) (Consuming Consumables) [3.Dec.06]
PLAY - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Kubricks (Consuming Consumables) [30.Nov.06]
PLAY - Nintendo DS (Consuming Consumables) [28.Nov.06]
PLAY - Gears of War (XBox 360) (Consuming Consumables) [25.Nov.06]
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