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Monday, July 23 2012

Days in and Days Out of Hall H: Comic-Con International 2012

Attending the various panels in Hall H at Comic Con can require a lot of planning and may take up your whole day.

Tuesday, April 12 2011

Joss Whedon: Pioneer of the Body Count

Among Joss Whedon's greatest contributions to television has been the continual use of the Body Count, the willingness to kill off recurring characters in order to ratchet up the narrative tension and create a sense of danger.

Monday, April 11 2011

Joss Whedon 101: Cabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods has been as star-crossed as a show can be. Although Goddard and Whedon had finished principle filming, MGM requested a year delay to convert the film to 3D, and then promptly went bankrupt.

Thursday, January 6 2011

The Year in Television Conspiracies

Secret, usually evil, plots dominated TV drama in 2010, from Lost, Rubicon, and Persons Unknown to 24, V, Flashforward, and Terriers.

Tuesday, October 20 2009

A Decade of Change

Between the Internet, DVRs, and DVDs, television viewers have been almost completely freed from the vagaries of network scheduling. We can watch our favorite shows whenever we want.


Monday, August 18 2014

Dead Stars: Slumber

Dead Stars do an effective job of mimicking a mid-'90s alt-rock one-hit wonder. Right down to having only two good songs on the album.

Sunday, August 17 2014

Sean Watkins: All I Do is Lie

A timely reminder that Nickel Creek's often lowest profile member is a talented songwriter in his own right.

Wednesday, August 6 2014

Mike Doughty: Live at Ken's House

While Ken's House is a clear improvement over Doughty's previous album of Soul Coughing covers, it still contains its fair share of questionable decisions.

Wednesday, July 30 2014

My Iron Lung: Relief

Competent post-hardcore that's written with vocal melodies in mind. Too bad their frontman can only handle shouting.

Monday, July 28 2014

The Muffs: Whoop Dee Doo

Fresh off a short, aborted stint with the Pixies, Kim Shattuck reforms the Muffs and puts out a very solid album.

Phish: Fuego [30.Jun.14]
Pow!: Hi-Tech Boom [20.Mar.14]
TacocaT: NVM [6.Mar.14]
Warpaint: Warpaint [19.Jan.14]
Irata: Vultures [28.Feb.13]
Nude Beach: II [10.Sep.12]
Birdy: Birdy [14.Jun.12]
Milk Maid: Yucca [19.Jul.11]
Falcon: Disappear [10.Jul.11]
Mike Gordon: Moss [13.Jan.11]
Fanshaw: Dark Eyes [25.Mar.10]
Cougar: Patriot [4.Jan.10]
Björk: Voltaic [23.Aug.09]
NOFX: Coaster [17.Jun.09]
Skew: Skew [13.Jan.09]
The Revival Tour [8.Dec.08]
Dredg [24.Nov.08]
sBach: sBach [21.Sep.08]


Monday, July 9 2012

Previewing Comic-Con 2012

The biggest pop culture gathering in North America kicks off Wednesday night. How has Comic-Con responded to last year's problems, and what are the most interesting events taking place at this year's show?

Wednesday, December 14 2011

Bubbling Under the 75 Best Albums of 2011: Fountains of Wayne

This week we presented our Best 75 Albums of 2011. Here are several more just bubbling under the top 75...

Sunday, December 4 2011

Bubbling Under the 75 Best Songs of 2011: Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Today we presented our Best 75 Songs of 2011. Here are several more just bubbling under the top 75...

Wednesday, July 20 2011

Armchair Quarterbacking Comic-Con 2011

Grading the upcoming Comic-Con, from who's in attendance to who decided to stay behind...

Wednesday, June 22 2011

Feeling Burned By 'The Killing'

We stuck around for the whole season, got our hopes up when things improved in the last few episodes, and this is the way it ends? Ugh. Spoilers abound, of course.

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