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Jennifer Kelly


Sunday, June 8 2014

There's No Reason This Band Couldn't Last Forever: An Interview with Old 97s

The Old 97s' Murry Hammond talks about longevity, adversity, honesty and the ass-thumping new album, Most Messed Up, that is setting them off on the road once again.

Tuesday, April 1 2014

Rage Against the Mundane: An Interview with Protomartyr

PopMatters talks to Protomartyr's frontman Joe Casey about his band's working class roots, the pros and cons of making music in Detroit and his fascination with spinning cultural flotsam into surreal narratives.

Tuesday, November 19 2013

Wild Melancholy: An Interview with Zachary Cale

Zachary Cale may know everything you'd want to know about the fingerings and folk-picking styles of artists like Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Willie McTell, but he's not interested in recording historical artifacts.

Thursday, October 24 2013

The Uncanny Effect of Being Almost Real: An Interview with Oneohtrix Point Never

In third album as Oneohtrix Point Never, electronic composer Daniel Lopatin works in a palette of sounds that are almost, but not quite recognizable, with structures that are nearly, but not really songs. "I'm interested in things that are on the edge of becoming real," he says. "I was thinking about that a lot."

Monday, September 30 2013

No Boxes: An Interview with Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe tells us about pain, beauty, synths, black metal, D.H. Lawrence and why she is really not the same as Zola Jesus at all.

Dirty Faces [11.Feb.07]
The Little Ones [6.Sep.06]
The Little Killers [14.Aug.06]


Wednesday, June 10 2009

Ponytail + The Pains of Being Pure at Heart + Rabbit Rabbit: 26 April 2009 - Northampton, MA

I’d give it to Ponytail if I had to name a winner, but it’s rare that two bands succeed so well on different terms.

Wednesday, April 8 2009

The Baron: The Complete Series

British television’s forgotten international man of mystery battles cold war villains, ex-Nazis and art thieves around the world…without ever leaving a London backlot.

Wednesday, March 11 2009

Amargosa + Aseethe + Shores of the Tundra

There is nothing quite like the visual of a camouflage-dressed metal singer spewing rage and disaffection into a microphone in front of benches that have hymnals tucked into the pockets.

Thursday, February 19 2009

Loney, Dear + Dennis Crommett + Aric Bieganek

Loney, Dear’s Emil Svanängen has long since made the transition from secluded laptop folk artist to full-fledged pop bandleader.

Thursday, February 12 2009

The Odd Couple: The Final Season

The often cancelled, usually revived Odd Couple ventures outside the apartment and outside its central relationship in the fifth and final season.

Red Eyed Legends [13.Jan.09]
Wall-E [8.Jan.09]
Fredrik: Na Na Ni [12.Nov.08]
Apse: Spirit [23.Sep.08]
Osborne: Osborne [24.Aug.08]
TimLee3: Good2b3 [16.Jul.08]
Pyramids: Pyramids [26.Jun.08]
Lights: Lights [8.Jun.08]
Movin' On Up [6.May.08]
Ssion: Fool's Gold [31.Mar.08]
MI-5: Volume 5 [3.Mar.08]
Foot Foot: Trumpet [26.Feb.08]
Németh: Film [25.Feb.08]
Siberian: With Me [22.Oct.07]
Circle: Katapult [14.Oct.07]
X27: Antilove [2.Oct.07]
Part Chimp: Cup [15.Jul.07]
The Evens [5.Jul.07]
Pagoda: Pagoda [11.Mar.07]
31 Knots: Polemics [18.Dec.06]
Donkeys: Donkeys [21.Sep.06]
About: Bongo [14.May.06]
Stereolab + Espers [19.Mar.06]
Milosh: Meme [12.Mar.06]
Tarkio: Omnibus [14.Feb.06]
Calla [8.Feb.06]


Monday, March 23 2009

Music Day 4: Todd P’s Party at Mrs. Bea's

Photos: Jennifer Kelly

Sunday, March 22 2009

Music Day 4: Megafaun

Photos: Jennifer Kelly

Sunday, March 22 2009

Music Day 4: Freedy Johnston

Photos: Jennifer Kelly

Sunday, March 22 2009

Music Day 4: Los Llamarada

Photos: Jennifer Kelly

Sunday, March 22 2009

Music Day 4: The Uglysuit

Photos: Jennifer Kelly

Music Day 3: Obits / Wovenhand / Major Stars (Notes from the Road) [22.Mar.09]
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Music Day 3: WFMU Showcase - The Strong Stuff (Notes from the Road) [21.Mar.09]
Music Day 3: Mi Ami (Notes from the Road) [21.Mar.09]
Music Day 3: No Primal Scream, No Sonics (Notes from the Road) [21.Mar.09]
Music Day 3: Running Out of Power (Notes from the Road) [21.Mar.09]
Music Day 2: Team Clermont / Utne Reader Party (Notes from the Road) [20.Mar.09]
Music Day 2: Beerland again, what can I say? (Notes from the Road) [20.Mar.09]
Music Day 2: Tim Easton (Notes from the Road) [20.Mar.09]
Music Day 1: K Records Showcase (Notes from the Road) [19.Mar.09]
Music Day 1: Day Shows (Notes from the Road) [19.Mar.09]
Stephen Lynch - "3 Balloons" (MP3) (Mixed Media) [10.Mar.09]
African blues from Terakaft (Mixed Media) [12.Feb.09]
The National: Boxer [$14.98] (Consuming Consumables) [26.Nov.07]
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