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Thomas Britt
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Associate Professor of Film and Video Studies at George Mason University.


Thursday, September 4 2014

He Can Do Quite a Few Things: Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips and Electric Würms

The Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd talks with PopMatters about new group Electric Würms, his thoughts on progressive rock, and decades of musical exploration.

Sunday, May 18 2014

"This Is Our Sophomore Attempt": An Interview with Pixies

Speaking to PopMatters, Pixies detail every step towards Indie Cindy's creation, reception, and what's next for the group...

Monday, August 26 2013

Where the Summer Goes: An Interview with Belle & Sebastian

Richard Colburn of Belle & Sebastian talks with PopMatters about Glasgow's music scene, the lost art of the B-side, and the time his band turned down Radiohead.

Sunday, August 18 2013

An Interview with Lance Bangs of Young Americans

Celebrated filmmaker Lance Bangs discusses the second season of his insightful Vice show Young Americans and his flexibility as a filmmaker.

Wednesday, March 6 2013

There Is No Band: An Interview with R. Ring (Mike Montgomery and Kelley Deal)

While many bands claim to be charting new terrain, R. Ring (Mike Montgomery and Kelley Deal) is carving its niche through hand-crafted CD releases, instrumentation consisting entirely of two guitars and vocals, and resistance toward releasing a full-length record.


Wednesday, January 14 2015

'The Sacrament', 'The Unbelievers' and Religious Imperialism

From cult leader Jim Jones to scientist Richard Dawkins, once in a rare while, Hollywood gets a religious idea, or an idea about religion, right.

Sunday, October 19 2014

'The Mack Sennett Collection, Volume One' Attests to Risk-Taking in Creativity and Innovation

This collection of films is significant in illustrating the development of Mack Sennett's contributions to early film comedy and the lasting effects of Sennett and his troupe.

Wednesday, August 6 2014

'The Purge': Lawful, But Not Helpful

By grounding the violence of his barely veiled speculative fiction in the here-and-now, James DeMonaco risks inciting an audience beyond the walls of the cinema.

Monday, July 28 2014

Living and Dying for Silent Film

Home video companies such as Kino Lorber, the Criterion Collection, and Flicker Alley have been instrumental in meeting the changing methods of distributing silent film.

Tuesday, April 15 2014

Scorsese vs. Scorsese: Tales of Two Dreamers

The Wolf of Wall Street celebrates deception, whereas Hugo upholds the search for truth. Which worldview is Scorsese's?


Sunday, November 9 2014

Philip Selway: Weatherhouse

Philip Selway's Weatherhouse is a somewhat more confident-sounding album from a songwriter no longer saddled with the weight of first impressions.

Tuesday, April 1 2014

Pattern Is Movement: Pattern Is Movement

Pattern Is Movement opens up the musical framework, embracing R&B while resisting the compartmentalization that limits many of the band's contemporaries.

Thursday, February 6 2014

Many Controls but No Master: 'I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition'

The history of the modular synthesizer is one that involves competing origins, unwieldy equipment, aesthetic disputes, and the whims of business and art.

Monday, January 20 2014

Damien Jurado: Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Damien Jurado has created an album at least in part about the processes of artistic creation and interpretation -- temporary earths that point to something eternal.

Wednesday, November 13 2013

Midlake: Antiphon

Eric Pulido, promoted to frontman and performing quite ably, works together with the other five members of the studio and live band to make an impression that he characterizes as "less folk and more rock; less nostalgic and more progressive."

Nurses: Dracula [28.Sep.11]
Jade [19.Apr.10]
Callan, Set 2 [18.Feb.10]
Lorna's Silence [15.Feb.10]
Goliath [2.Feb.10]
Big Fan [27.Jan.10]
Callan: Set 1 [28.Oct.09]
Om: God is Good [15.Oct.09]
24: Season 7 [7.Jul.09]
Eels: Hombre Lobo [31.May.09]
Look [10.May.09]
A Camp: Colonia [27.Apr.09]
Praying with Lior [21.Apr.09]
Pontiak: Maker [6.Apr.09]
From the Basement [11.Mar.09]


Monday, June 16 2014

2014 Nelsonville Music Festival (photos)

The tenth annual Nelsonville Music Festival took place from May 29 to June 1.

Thursday, May 15 2014

The Tenth Annual Nelsonville Music Festival - A PopMatters Interview

The 2014 Nelsonville Music Festival will feature performances by the Avett Brothers, Dinosaur Jr., the Head and the Heart, Jason Isbell, and many others.

Monday, November 18 2013

Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit (photos)

My only criticism of the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit is that too much great music was programmed at the same time, forcing some difficult decisions about where and when to show up. The 2014 edition cannot come soon enough.

Wednesday, October 16 2013

Atoms for Peace: 30 September 2013

Wednesday, October 16 2013

2013 Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit (Preview and Schedule)

The 2013 Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit will take place from October 25 - 27 in Asheville, North Carolina.

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