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Associate Professor of Film and Video Studies at George Mason University.

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"It Can't Just Be Killing All the Time": Josh McDermitt of 'The Walking Dead' | 14 Oct 2015 // 8:02 PM

Josh McDermitt of The Walking Dead talks with PopMatters about his character Eugene, intense fan responses, and how to stay alive on AMC's hit series, now entering its sixth season.

Where Have You Gone, Monsieur Hulot? | 21 Jul 2015 // 8:02 PM

Persistent themes of Jacques Tati’s films were work and play, two forces in conflicting or complementary relationships, always inspiring creativity regardless of configuration.


Black Mass Murder: Extreme Metal and the PMRC | 29 Oct 2015 // 8:15 PM

A mainstream metal band like The Black Dahlia Murder is more explicit than anything the Parents Music Resource Center sought to regulate in 1985.

Does Reality Television Need 'The Profit'? | 29 Jul 2015 // 8:30 PM

A series about making money, airing on CNBC, might seem like an unlikely place for fostering positive values.


Various Artists: Aquabear Legion Volume 5 | 20 Oct 2015 // 8:10 PM

Aquabear Legion Volume 5 includes artists from Athens, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Yellow Springs and could be thought of as a travelogue about Ohio in the here and now.

Low: Ones and Sixes | 3 Sep 2015 // 8:30 PM

Low's Ones and Sixes is surprising for sounding very much of the moment.


2015 Nelsonville Music Festival - 28-31 May, 2015 (Photos) | 3 Jun 2015 // 12:00 AM

Merle Haggard, St. Vincent, and the Flaming Lips headed up another eclectic year at Ohio's Nelsonville Music Festival.

2014 Nelsonville Music Festival (photos) | 16 Jun 2014 // 6:45 AM

The tenth annual Nelsonville Music Festival took place from May 29 to June 1.

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Because Blood Is Drama: Considering Carnage in Video Games and Other Media

// Moving Pixels

"It's easy to dismiss blood and violence as salacious without considering why it is there, what its context is, and what it might communicate.

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