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Nick Dinicola made it through college with a degree in English, and now applies all his critical thinking skills to video games instead of literature. He reviews games and writes a weekly post for the Moving Pixels blog at PopMatters, and can be heard on the weekly Moving Pixels podcast. More of his reviews, previews, and general thoughts on gaming can be found at

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History, Commentary, and Religiosity in 'No Man's Sky' | 28 Nov 2016 // 2:16 AM

The universe of No Man's Sky may be calm, but it’s certainly no utopia.

'Inside' the Lie of Ambiguity | 19 Sep 2016 // 8:30 PM

Inside is too literal to be expressionistic, but too vague to be a narrative. It's so ambiguous that it fails to be anything.


'Ballistick': Looking for the Most Efficient Kill | 23 Nov 2016 // 2:00 AM

The stick figure killer never looks badass, but you'll feel like a badass playing him, and that’s a much more impressive accomplishment.

In 'Syndrome' a Promising Slow Burn Introduction Leads to Poor Pacing | 1 Nov 2016 // 2:29 AM

Syndrome does a damn fine job setting the mood. It just can’t follow through.


'Cube Escape' Is Free, Frustrating, and Weirdly Compelling | 2 Dec 2016 // 2:00 AM

The Cube Escape games are awful puzzle games, but they're an addicting descent into madness.

'A Machine for Pigs' and the Failure of Psychological Horror | 18 Nov 2016 // 2:00 AM

When a game removes a physical danger, its psychological danger has to be even more effective than before. If not, all horror is lost.

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Emerging from My Hiatus from Big Budget Games

// Moving Pixels

"I'd gotten burned out on scope and maybe on spectacle in video games, but I think it's time to return to bigger worlds to conquer.

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