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Nick Dinicola made it through college with a degree in English, and now applies all his critical thinking skills to video games instead of literature. He reviews games and writes a weekly post for the Moving Pixels blog at PopMatters, and can be heard on the weekly Moving Pixels podcast. More of his reviews, previews, and general thoughts on gaming can be found at

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Lovecraft Was Wrong: Knowledge Is Power in 'Bloodborne' | 26 Jul 2015 // 10:00 PM

Bloodborne is not about the horror of knowledge, but the horror of unfettered knowledge.

As 'The Longest Journey' Makes Clear, a Good Story Is Not Timeless | 2 Jun 2015 // 10:30 PM

The Longest Journey isn’t just dated because it has obtuse puzzles and blocky graphics. It’s dated because it tells a serious story that it doesn't know how to take seriously.


'Godzilla' Holds Its Fun Hostage | 27 Jul 2015 // 5:00 AM

Godzilla is a love letter to the giant lizard in all his incarnations, and it's a cynical abuse of that love.

'Her Story' Asks You to Learn Your Story | 29 Jun 2015 // 2:32 AM

The game only ends when you let it end, when you’re satisfied that you’ve gotten all of its story, or when you’re simply satisfied with its story.


In Defense of the Godzilla Game | 31 Jul 2015 // 2:00 AM

While Godzilla is not a good game, it does highlight the central concern in making a good Godzilla game, jazzing up Godzilla's fighting style.

'Gods Will Be Watching' Both Loves and Fears Death | 24 Jul 2015 // 2:34 AM

Gods Will Be Watching is a perfect encapsulation of gaming’s paradoxical fear and love of death.

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"When episode six opens to find Elliot in terror and panic, it is soon confirmed that he should be.

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