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Nick Dinicola made it through college with a degree in English, and now applies all his critical thinking skills to video games instead of literature. He reviews games and writes a weekly post for the Moving Pixels blog at PopMatters, and can be heard on the weekly Moving Pixels podcast. More of his reviews, previews, and general thoughts on gaming can be found at

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'The Swords' Is a Short Game With a Simple Title That Hides a Wealth of Beauty | 23 May 2016 // 9:44 PM

Our drawing moves in circles and spirals, around us and our enemy, then swings from side to side quickly, as if dancing a jig.

The Dark Side of Pacifism in 'Undertale' | 14 Mar 2016 // 10:30 PM

What does mercy mean to someone who hates herself? How can pacifism combat depression? How does euthanasia fit into Undertale's moral code?


'Dying Light: The Following', or in Other Words, 'Dying Light 1.5' | 3 Mar 2016 // 3:24 AM

The Following brings the series forward one big step, only to take a similar step back, ending right where it began, which was already a pretty good place to be.

'The Witness': Puzzles Are Teachers, Puzzles Are Bullies | 10 Feb 2016 // 3:00 AM

The Witness is the most pleasant and educational descent/ascent into madness you’ll ever experience.


'SUPERHOT' is an Anti-Cinematic Action Game | 27 May 2016 // 3:50 AM

Movies can follow the old adage to show, not tell, but games need to do, not show.

The Soothing Terror of 'Dark Souls' | 20 May 2016 // 2:58 AM

Dark Souls teaches us to be relaxed in the face of horror.

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Cage the Elephant Ignite Central Park with Kickoff for Summerstage Season

// Notes from the Road

"Cage the Elephant rocked two sold-out nights at Summerstage and return to NYC for a free show May 29th. Info on that and a preview of the full Summerstage schedule is here.

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