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Nick Dinicola

Nick Dinicola made it through college with a degree in English, and now applies all his critical thinking skills to video games instead of literature. He reviews games and writes a weekly post for the Moving Pixels blog at PopMatters, and can be heard on the weekly Moving Pixels podcast. More of his reviews, previews, and general thoughts on gaming can be found at


Tuesday, February 17 2015

The Assassins' Aristocracy

Assassin's Creed: Unity highlights the difficulty of influencing social change from the shadows.

Monday, December 1 2014

Creepypasta Gaming: Where the Internet "Learns Our Fears"

When knowledge falls outside of that which is found on the Internet, it falls outside of modern understanding. Thus, games like these, which fall outside of the norm, become intensely compelling.

Tuesday, September 23 2014

No One Wants to Play the Fool Like 'Watch Dog's Aiden Pierce

Watch Dog's protagonist is a cliché that never grows beyond cliché.

Tuesday, July 29 2014

The Assassins' Propaganda

Black Flag isn’t interested in breaking the world into two opposing ideologies. It’s interested in how those ideologies sell themselves to a broken world.

Monday, May 26 2014

Puzzling Personas: Puzzles as Character Development in 'The Raven'

The type of puzzle you specialize in solving says a lot about you as a person.


Friday, February 20 2015

'Dying Light': The Terror and Triumph of Nightfall

The zombies here aren't monsters, they're just another kind of terrorist.

Tuesday, January 27 2015

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Oddly enough, a remake of the original game, Resident Evil HD Remaster, actually feels like the next big evolutionary leap for the series.

Friday, December 5 2014

This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a great game about survival, hope, loss, despair, companionship... but oddly enough not about war.

Friday, November 21 2014

'Never Alone': The Rise of the "Docu-Platformer"

Never Alone feels like an old Discovery channel special in game form.

Wednesday, November 19 2014

'Costume Quest 2' Is a Light-Hearted, Breezy Take on Halloween

Why the plot of Costume Quest 2 doesn’t really matter is simple enough. We know the bad guy can never succeed; Halloween can never be truly destroyed. Any kid could have told you that.

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Tales of Xillia [18.Aug.13]
Scourge: Outbreak [21.Jul.13]
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Don't Starve [25.Apr.13]
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Madden NFL Arcade [13.Dec.09]
Mini Ninjas [15.Nov.09]
'Splosion Man [13.Aug.09]


Friday, February 20 2015

Backtracking Shouldn't Be a Bad Word in Gaming

Constant momentum in games like Alien: Isolation means I'm always engaged as a player, but that engagement comes at the cost of fear.

Friday, February 13 2015

The Backwards Looking Future of 'Resident Evil'

Our frame of reference for talking about games often lags behind the reality of their development.

Friday, February 6 2015

An Undead Sense of Place in 'Resident Evil'

In this mansion, even when you're fine, you still feel like you’re dying.

Friday, January 30 2015

Rationing Too Much of a Good Thing in 'Terra Battle'

Give a person lots of options and picking just one becomes difficult. Remove some options and the choice becomes easier.

Friday, January 23 2015

'Far Cry 4' Is an Adventure Game, Not a Shooter

Far Cry 4 looks and plays like a shooter, but it doesn't feel like a shooter. It is really about my quest for collectibles and the chaos that erupts along the way.

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