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Nick Dinicola made it through college with a degree in English, and now applies all his critical thinking skills to video games instead of literature. He reviews games and writes a weekly post for the Moving Pixels blog at PopMatters, and can be heard on the weekly Moving Pixels podcast. More of his reviews, previews, and general thoughts on gaming can be found at

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'The Swords' Is a Short Game With a Simple Title That Hides a Wealth of Beauty | 23 May 2016 // 9:44 PM

Our drawing moves in circles and spirals, around us and our enemy, then swings from side to side quickly, as if dancing a jig.

The Dark Side of Pacifism in 'Undertale' | 14 Mar 2016 // 10:30 PM

What does mercy mean to someone who hates herself? How can pacifism combat depression? How does euthanasia fit into Undertale's moral code?


Sticking It to the Man with 'SteamWorld Heist' | 28 Jun 2016 // 3:00 AM

SteamWorld Heist is a game of little things that elevate simplicity into something blissful.

'Layers of Fear' Paints by the Numbers | 6 Jun 2016 // 3:00 AM

Layers of Fear makes a strong case that games need an editor.


Combat Is Character Development in 'Uncharted 4' | 24 Jun 2016 // 3:10 AM

In Uncharted 4, combat has changed because Nathan Drake has changed.

'Uncharted 4' Still Lets You Play the Way You Want to Play | 17 Jun 2016 // 3:27 AM

When I play Uncharted, I don’t want to play efficiently. I want to throw caution to the wind and be irresponsible.

//Mixed media

Intimacy with the Devil: Horror and 'the static speaks my name'

// Moving Pixels

"the static speaks my name creates an uncomfortable intimacy between the player and the protagonist.

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