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AB-, ENTJ, PhD: shathley Q is deeply moved by the emotional connection we build with our perpetual fictions, and hopes to answer for that somehow, somehow. He holds a Doctorate in Literary and Cultural Theory. His writings have appeared in Joss Whedon: the Complete Companion and Ages of Heroes, Eras of Men, as well as regularly on PopMatters. Like a kid in a china shop, he microblogs as @uuizardry on Twitter. Or hit him up directly on


Friday, April 11 2014

Redshift: Talking with John Arcudi About His Expanding the Hellboy Universe

Our month full of Hellboy to celebrate Hellboy’s 20th anniversary continues as we share an earnest conversation with Hellboy Universe collaborator John Arcudi who opens up about his expansion of the Universe with B.P.R.D. and the Lobster Johnson stories.

Friday, April 4 2014

Oriatur, or a Bigger, Richer World: The Interview with Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola

In the handful of days before Dave Brockie’s passing, Mike Mignola and I spoke at great length about the then upcoming 20th anniversary of Hellboy, a character who by his very nature resisted his fate, and hoped to shape new options by his own hand…

Friday, March 21 2014

Later on with Hellboy: The Mike Mignola Warm Up

Today, we kick off the lid on a month full of Hellboy, to celebrate the character’s 20th anniversary.

Friday, February 28 2014

Things Will Be Better Now: Dan Goldman on "Red Light Properties"

Dan Goldman is a precious intellect, and we need to rally around him. He is one of the rare few artists working in any medium who are actively engaging with the idea of what it means to be making transmedia.

Friday, February 21 2014

A Clean, Unlighted Place: A Prelude to the Dan Goldman Interview

Dan's fearlessness is, in all truth, the light of rationalism, and the courage of spirit that comes from humanistic values. And that is the fireside we both sit at, as we head into the darker winter of the conversation ahead.

Before Watchmen [28.Jun.13]


Wednesday, April 2 2014

“Some Things Have to be Burned Out:” “Detective #30”

You call it “Icarus,” Francis, Brian, and already it’s beginning to feel like we’ve entered into the cathedral of something far larger than ourselves, something that can be built by ourselves…

Wednesday, March 19 2014

Our Lives Aren't Like Other People's Lives: 'Loki: Ragnarok 'n' Roll #2'

Loki: Ragnarok ’n' Roll is a profoundly sophisticated work that wrestles with deep existential issues present in popculture as far back as Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and as recent as the assassination of John Lennon.

Wednesday, February 12 2014

The Ikea Effect of Ultraman: "Aquaman #27"

Getting back to it…? Or moving forward? Incoming regular writer Jeff Parker brings an incredible intellectual sophistication to Aquaman.

Wednesday, February 5 2014

Aegis of the Apocalypse: "Apocalypse Al #1"

In Apocalypse Al, writer and publisher J. Michael Straczynski offers the lighter side of the apocalypse in a noir-comedy centered treat.

Tuesday, February 4 2014

"Subtle" Victory: "Thor: God of Thunder #18"

In "Days of Wine and Dragons," writer Jason Aaron reclaims the original ground not only of the current series Thor: God of Thunder, but reclaims the original intent of Thor as a popcultural icon as well.

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Monday, March 24 2014

Take Me In, Take Me Home: Exclusive Preview of 'Superman #29'

Be brave, Superman gets into an epic fight! And more!

Monday, March 10 2014

The Ghosts of Doomsdays Past: Exclusive Preview of Apocalypse Al #3

Rather than play into the global trauma of impending doom (as popularized by proponents of a prophesied Mayan Doomsday), Apocalypse Al offers a postmodern recalibration of that same impending doom.

Monday, March 3 2014

That Old Magic Feeling: Exclusive Preview of "Fairest #24"

It's a wonderful feeling to return to comics' pulp roots with a kind of fairy-tale storytelling that's even older.

Wednesday, February 5 2014

Watching the Skies Blacken with SkyWatcher1

Imagine being inserted into the fictional milieu of Project Black Sky, publisher Dark Horse's in-house imaginary superhero world. SkyWatcher 1, blogger and EIC of SkyWatchers does this everyday, and doing so, redefines the border of the transmediated and the postmodern in comics.

Monday, January 27 2014

Newer, Darker, Meanings: Exclusive Preview of "The Unwritten" Vol. 8

With a subtle themed approach to the dark side of words and ideas, The Unwritten Vol. 8: Orpheus in the Underworlds takes the award-winning series into bold new territory.

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