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shathley Q
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AB-, ENTJ, PhD: shathley Q is deeply moved by the emotional connection we build with our perpetual fictions, and hopes to answer for that somehow, somehow. He holds a Doctorate in Literary and Cultural Theory. His writings have appeared in Joss Whedon: the Complete Companion and Ages of Heroes, Eras of Men, as well as regularly on PopMatters. Like a kid in a china shop, he microblogs as @uuizardry on Twitter. Or hit him up directly on


Friday, February 27 2015

Jeff Lemire on the Coming-Through-Slaughter of ‘Descender’

The interview with creator Jeff Lemire on his newest book Descender, which releases in March.

Thursday, February 26 2015

How 'Descender' Draws a Map of All of Sci-Fi

Released next Wednesday, Descender's a game-changer. Here's why.

Friday, February 13 2015

Please Rise for the Honorable: Reflecting on 2011 via 'Judge Dredd: Urban Warfare'

It wasn’t so long ago, 2011, but it felt momentous. It was only a matter of really, until our art would begin to make comment. And what better art than the decades old dystopian fiction of Judge Dredd?

Friday, February 6 2015

The Ghost of Spectres Past

On the cusp of “Convergence”, which ties together all DC comics ever published, have Fawkes and Templesmith finally found the character’s quintessential magic?

Thursday, January 29 2015

Legacy v. Statement: Talking with Goon Creator Eric Powell

Today the Iconographies proudly presents the magic of Eric Powell’s the Goon as it draws to a close. Maybe.

The Letter [9.Jan.15]
Before Watchmen [27.Jun.13]


Wednesday, November 5 2014

An Elegant Hack: "Batman #35"

Batman #35 shows how current writer Scott Snyder manages to subtly subvert the New 52's narrative vector.

Wednesday, October 29 2014

Standalone, Complex: “B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #124”

How do you take an image as powerful as Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks", and turn it into a tale about inherent social collapse? If you're Mike Mignola, John Arcudi and Tyler Crooks, the answer is, "quite easily".

Wednesday, September 17 2014

Brave New Values: “Super Secret Crisis War: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”

Cohen elevates the all ages genre by tackling '90s generational creep with latent themes in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Wednesday, August 6 2014

All History Is Ancient History: “Outcast #2”

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s most recent title, Outcast, not only offers a meditation on demonic possession, but competes on equal footing with high-end dramas like The Leftovers and Ray Donovan.

Wednesday, July 30 2014

The One You See Coming: “Moon Knight #5”

Moon Knight #5 is a testament to the surrealization (not a word, do not use as one) of violence.

Is It Just Us? [1.Sep.11]
Shadowland #1 [14.Jul.10]
Superman #700 [30.Jun.10]
Batman #700 [28.Jun.10]
Secret Avengers #1 [14.Jun.10]
Black Widow #1-2 [26.May.10]
S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 [26.Apr.10]
Ultimate X #1 [7.Apr.10]
The Question #37 [10.Mar.10]
Human Target #1 [22.Feb.10]
Moon Girl [17.Feb.10]
45 [25.Jan.10]
Ghost Rider [24.Jun.09]
Stray Toasters [1.Jun.09]
The Alcoholic [6.Apr.09]
The Winter Men [11.Mar.09]
Local [10.Dec.08]


Monday, January 26 2015

The Past Was Always With Us: Exclusive Preview of “GI Zombie #6”

You wouldn’t think it, but Star Spangled War Stories, featuring G. I. Zombie #6 confronts us, by way of Watchmen, with issues at the heart of the history of comics.

Monday, November 24 2014

Games with Borders: Exclusive Preview of "Unwritten Apocalypse #11"

Sometimes you can't divorce the good and the bad in your memory, and when it comes to comics, that's a good thing.

Monday, October 20 2014

"Short As a Boat Ride with the Mafia": Exclusive Preview of Dead Boy Detectives #10

If you came through reading comics in the '90s (and we all did, even those of us born long after), Dead Boy Detectives #10 feels like coming home after the longest of journeys outwards.

Monday, September 29 2014

The Act of Disenthralling Ourselves: Exclusive Preview of “Aquaman and the Others #6”

A comicbook couldn’t reflect the relevance of Lincoln’s thoughts, could it?

Monday, September 15 2014

Use Your Allusion: Exclusive Preview of “Unwritten Apocalypse #9”

Three dramas become entwined in the breathtakingly micro-epic folds of “Inklings.” But the one that ultimately makes the difference is the fourth—the drama you bring with you to these pages.

Watching the Skies Blacken with SkyWatcher1 (Graphic Novelties) [5.Feb.14]
Instant Trauma: "Legion of Super Heroes #17" (Graphic Novelties) [17.Feb.13]
The Lead-In: Exclusive Preview of "Team 7 #5" (Graphic Novelties) [11.Feb.13]
Finding Nemo: Exclusive Preview of "Aquaman #12" (Graphic Novelties) [24.Aug.12]
Generational Lag?: Talking With Rob Salkowitz #1 (Graphic Novelties) [11.May.12]
Red in the Face (Graphic Novelties) [17.Oct.11]
Will You Be Radical's PopMatters VIP? (Graphic Novelties) [18.Jul.11]
Down San Diego Way (Graphic Novelties) [18.Jul.11]
Missed Directions: What's Your Story (Graphic Novelties) [5.Jan.11]
Zero History by William Gibson (Consuming Consumables) [14.Dec.10]
Tomorrow: On the Day Before 'Tales of Woe' (Graphic Novelties) [16.Aug.10]
Missed Directions: Ghost Boxes (Graphic Novelties) [16.Feb.10]
Undoing the Horror: Astonishing X-Men "Torn" (Graphic Novelties) [5.Feb.10]
Looking Up: The Man Who Laughs (Graphic Novelties) [29.Jan.10]
Missed Directions: The Boulevard (Graphic Novelties) [26.Jan.10]
My Perfect Panel: Learning To Not Quit Smoking (Graphic Novelties) [22.Jan.10]
This Was Then: Hero Illustrated No. 3 (Graphic Novelties) [13.Jan.10]
These Ghosts Haunt Me Still... (Graphic Novelties) [30.Oct.09]
The Flash #91: Unfrozen (Graphic Novelties) [10.Aug.09]
The Legacy of Mike Weiringo (Graphic Novelties) [9.Aug.09]
Ultimate Secret: The Human Drama Begins (Graphic Novelties) [24.Jul.09]
MAD Magazine: Flesh Garden: The Empty Rocketship (Graphic Novelties) [22.Jul.09]
The Ultimates: Grand Theft America: Looking Up (Graphic Novelties) [21.Jul.09]
Orbiter: Learning to Look Up Again (Graphic Novelties) [20.Jul.09]
Criminal: Lawless: The Christmas Getaway (Graphic Novelties) [15.Jul.09]
Doom Patrol: 'Imaginary Friends': Unconcern (Graphic Novelties) [24.Jun.09]
JLA #33: 'Altered Egos': The Reply (Graphic Novelties) [22.Jun.09]
Collapse: 1989's Legion of Super-Heroes (Graphic Novelties) [21.Jun.09]
Starman: Grand Guignol: More History Still (Graphic Novelties) [17.Jun.09]
Reinventing Comics: Bill of Sale, Bill of Rights (Graphic Novelties) [16.Jun.09]
Green Lantern #146: "Hand of God, Day One": Ulp! (Graphic Novelties) [15.Jun.09]
El Diablo: No Gun Mojo (Graphic Novelties) [11.Jun.09]
The Flash: Blitz: "You Need to Let that Go" (Graphic Novelties) [10.Jun.09]
House of Secrets #7: A Perfect Narrative Line (Graphic Novelties) [9.Jun.09]
Uncanny X-Men Annual, 2001: What I Remember (Graphic Novelties) [8.Jun.09]
The Death of Captain America (Graphic Novelties) [7.Jun.09]
Peanuts, 11/30/57: Down the Line (Graphic Novelties) [5.Jun.09]
Sandman #72: No Going Back (Graphic Novelties) [4.Jun.09]
Domu: Alienation, Illustrated (Graphic Novelties) [3.Jun.09]
Last Day in Vietnam: A Multi-Dimensional Drama (Graphic Novelties) [2.Jun.09]
Daredevil #95 - Hanging in the Air (Graphic Novelties) [1.Jun.09]
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