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He Is What He Is: The Merle Haggard Interview | 10 May 2010 // 5:00 PM

The legendary "poet of the common man" talks to PopMatters about the state of country music today, his friendship with Johnny Cash and why he hasn’t liked a president since Ronald Reagan.


Why?: 26 September 2009 - New York | 19 Oct 2009 // 6:00 PM

Yoni Wolf entertained by dancing oddly about the stage and at times speaking to the audience about random things, things which perhaps only Wolf himself fully understood.

Dungen:14 August 2009 - Brooklyn, NY | 20 Sep 2009 // 9:00 PM

Dungen’s demeanor is the anti-rock star. Their onstage smiles, gratitude and grace are what sifts and separates Dungen from the pile of Zeppelin wannabes.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Our Own Points of View on 'Hardcore Henry'

// Moving Pixels

"Hardcore Henry gives us a chance to consider not how well a video game translates to film, but how well a video game point of view translates to film.

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