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Aaron Sagers
Image: Aaron Sagers

Aaron Sagers is a Manhattan-based columnist and entertainment journalist who writes weekly about all things pop-culture. He is also a paranormal pop culture expert and founder of Follow him on Twitter (AaronSagers) or contact him at Aaron AT


Monday, December 7 2009

Paranormal Passions: An Interview with the Ghost Hunters

The Ghost Hunters Academy investigators talk about the amount of misinformation there is about paranormal investigation and what an awesome season finale would look like.

Thursday, October 29 2009

Syfy 'Ghost Hunters': Living Normally Within Paranormal Pop Culture

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters have transcended the paranormal entertainment niche, become lasting pop-culture mainstays, and are busiest men in the ghost business.


Tuesday, August 3 2010

Feeding an Addiction

Call me a romantic, but after watching so much of that wet and messy business, I crave a less-is-more, simpler, sexier rendition of food porn. Instead, of grotesque, I prefer burlesque and have found that the good stuff isn’t on reality TV.

Thursday, July 29 2010

A Shark May Not Teach You Lessons About Goodness Like Santa Clause Does, But It Might Eat Your Head

Christmas in July is a superficial, commercial non-event, so why not celebrate a new Shark Week holiday, a holy season you can really sink your teeth into?

Sunday, July 11 2010

How Does One Beat the Heat? Try Descending Into Icy Madness

To cope with the heat wave, advisories suggest visiting 'cooling centers' or public pools. To achieve a truly chilled-out state of mind, however, why not open the door to your mind and let the iceman cometh inside?

Monday, July 5 2010

When Flying the Skies, Best to Avert One’s Eyes -- Especially in Coach Class

What's the etiquette for your personal movie choice on a long flight when the nearest set of eyes is just a shoulder-width away from your screen?

Wednesday, June 23 2010

Vampires vs. Werewolves: An Immortal Pop Rivalry

Pop culture thrives on rivalries, but few are as epic as the one between werewolves and vampires -- a rivalry which predates Twilight by, oh, some 60 years.


Wednesday, February 17 2010

Criss Angel Mindfreak: Collector’s Edition

Throughout much of this set, Criss Angel fails to wow – and “wow” is pretty crucial for a magician. Even though the magic is fake, it shouldn’t look it.


Friday, December 18 2009

Ghost House Underground DVDs

Thursday, December 17 2009

Tim Burton’s Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys

Tim Burton’s Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys [$15 per set]

Thursday, December 17 2009

Pon Farr perfume

Pon Farr perfume [$30]

Thursday, December 17 2009

The Stand: American Nightmares

The Stand: American Nightmares [$25]

Wednesday, December 16 2009

Zombieland hat and bag

Zombieland hat and bag - Real Deal Brazil [$140]

Flux Capacitor (Consuming Consumables) [16.Dec.09]
"Dexter" action figure (Consuming Consumables) [15.Dec.09]
Torchwood: Children of Earth Blu-ray (Consuming Consumables) [15.Dec.09]
'The Umbrella Academy' Umbrella (Consuming Consumables) [14.Dec.09]
SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes (Consuming Consumables) [14.Dec.09]
Supergirl Vinyl Statue (Consuming Consumables) [14.Dec.09]
The Corpse Wore Pasties by Jonny Porkpie (Consuming Consumables) [11.Dec.09]
Batman: Cacophony (Consuming Consumables) [10.Dec.09]
The Wolfman Medallion Replica (Consuming Consumables) [10.Dec.09]
Pink Darth Vader Helmet (Consuming Consumables) [9.Dec.09]
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