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Dave Heaton
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Dave Heaton has been writing about music on a regular basis since 1993, first for unofficial college-town newspapers and DIY fanzines and now mostly on the Internet. In 2000, the same year he started writing for PopMatters, he founded the online arts magazine, still around but often in flux. He writes music reviews for the print magazine The Big Takeover. He is a music obsessive through and through. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.


Tuesday, December 2 2014

The Best Indie Pop of 2014

It's hard to see how any lover of indie pop could find the field of choices lacking in 2014, a year when the top ten albums are just the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday, February 9 2014

Now Hear This!: The Caribbean - 'Moon Sickness' (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere the latest album by the Caribbean, Moon Sickness releasing next week via Hometapes.

Wednesday, December 4 2013

The Best Indie-Pop of 2013

In 2013, the best indie-pop felt like "secret music" meant for our ears only and, at the same time, like we're being pulled into a community.

Wednesday, December 5 2012

The Best Indie-Pop of 2012

Writing about the best indie-pop seems inherently an individualized, personal experience -- but that is fitting for a type of music that on one level seems more person-oriented than mass-movement-oriented.

Monday, December 5 2011

The Best Indie-Pop of 2011

Perhaps some of the bands on this list aren’t indie-pop in a literal way, but they most definitely are in heredity, influence, or spirit. They prove that our most interesting musicians can express themselves within the essential form of a pop song, while also changing how we think about songs and what they do to us.


Sunday, February 8 2015

Do iPhones Dream of Boxcars? Joe Ely and Sci-Fi Country

In 1983, road-weary Texan Joe Ely hovers over gadgets and wires, entering a brave new world of technology. Is he creating science-fiction country music?

Sunday, August 24 2014

Is the Sadness Gone from Country Music?

Has country music lost its capacity for brutal, unshakeable loneliness? Or are we just experiencing some calm before the next, inevitable heartache?

Tuesday, June 3 2014

David Dondero: A Poet of Vehicles

Living out of step fits right in with Dondero's songs of tough and kindhearted outcasts, eccentrics and survivors who live out of sight, but in plain sight.

Tuesday, March 11 2014

On Country Music Outsiders... and Fakers

Let's compare Eric Church's macho, white-power Outsiders to some newly reissued country outsiders from the '70s, the out-gay-country group Lavender Country.

Wednesday, January 29 2014

The Beautification of Country Stars

You can call 2013 the year that country-music album covers looked like advertisements torn from fashion and lifestyle magazines.


Monday, April 13 2015

Yuta Nagashima: White Sleep

Get lost in an overall feeling and mood that becomes more complex the longer you stay there.

Wednesday, April 1 2015

Lower Dens: Escape From Evil

Escape From Evil is a reminder that all things in life are always filled with the potential to vanish completely in an instant.

Sunday, March 29 2015

Eternal Death: Eternal Death

This is pop music that's also anti-pop music. It's consistently accessible and intentionally confusing.

Monday, March 23 2015

BadBadNotGood and Ghostface Killah: Sour Soul

Does every album have to be a classic? Minor pleasures are still pleasures, at the end of the day.

Wednesday, March 18 2015

Nicholas Krgovich: On Cahuenga

The literature and cinema of Los Angeles is full of binaries, of twins and alter egos; here is another. On Cahuenga is a double of On Sunset, the same but incredibly different.

Grouper: Ruins [5.Nov.14]
Literature: Chorus [21.Aug.14]
Keith Urban: Fuse [24.Oct.13]
Lambchop: Mr. M [22.Feb.12]
YACHT: Shangri-La [30.Jun.11]
Masta Killa: Live [20.Apr.10]
Phish: At the Roxy [24.Feb.09]
Trace Adkins: X [23.Nov.08]
Jean Grae: Jeanius [31.Jul.08]
Mahjongg: Kontpab [17.Mar.08]
Hey Willpower: PDA [21.Jan.08]
Voxtrot: Voxtrot [22.May.07]
Eluvium: Copia [27.Mar.07]
Pipas: Sorry Love [18.Dec.06]
M. Ward: Post-War [15.Aug.06]
Filastine: Burn It [11.May.06]
Beck: Guero [28.Mar.05]
Pole: self-titled [28.Aug.03]
Akrobatik: Balance [19.May.03]
Cali Comm Tour [12.Nov.01]
Fugu: Fugu 1 [3.Sep.01]
R.E.M.: Reveal [14.May.01]
Tipsy: Uh-Oh! [5.Mar.01]
Luna: Live [12.Feb.01]
Versus: Hurrah [2.Oct.00]
The Allies: D-Day [19.Jun.00]
Gauge: I [17.Apr.00]
Sarge: Distant [31.Dec.94]
Snailhouse: Fine [31.Dec.94]


Monday, January 6 2014

Gangster Glam and Voyeurism: Prince & the New Power Generation - "Live 4 Love"

It’s an anti-war song, with the answer being “love”, period.

Monday, December 16 2013

Gangster Glam and Voyeurism: Prince & the New Power Generation - "Insatiable"

On this track, Prince seems slightly more interested in the video-recording than in the act itself. “Doesn’t my body look good in the shadows?”, he asks her.

Monday, December 9 2013

Gangster Glam and Voyeurism: Prince & the New Power Generation - "Push"

One major theme of this album seems to be "Meet my new band", yet to a decent extent that’s a ruse.

Monday, December 2 2013

Gangster Glam and Voyeurism: Prince & the New Power Generation - "Money Don't Matter 2 Night"

It’s the way Diamonds and Pearls works; a couple lightweight space-fillers sit in between two stone-cold classics, one of which is an example of Prince's quasi-message songs.

Tuesday, November 19 2013

Gangster Glam and Voyeurism: Prince & the New Power Generation - "Jughead”

It’s a party, it’s a party song, its purpose is to maintain the impression that Prince’s new band can put on one hell of a show.

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