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Thursday, September 29 2011

The Year Alternative Went Massive and Defined a Decade

Above all else, musically 1991 will forever be remembered as the year alterna-rock conquered the masses. PopMatters explores how alternative became the dominant form of rock music in the '90s.

Wednesday, June 8 2011

In the Lap of the Gods: The First Five Queen Albums

Consummate showmen and masters of the studio environment, in their first five albums the members of British rock group Queen transformed from ambitious contenders into elite practitioners of the genre.

Wednesday, November 4 2009

Nirvana: Bleach

Starting with Nevermind, Kurt Cobain intentionally simplified his compositions in order to emphasize their pop components. Less song-focused than later Nirvana works, Bleach acts as an interesting showcase of the band’s musical chops.


Thursday, January 22 2015

Various Artists: Millions Like Us: The Story of the Mod Revival 1977-1989

The resurgent mod scene of the late 1970s gets its due.

Tuesday, December 2 2014

Pixies: Doolittle 25

It's been 25 years sinceDoolittle first screamed about slicing up eyeballs and the numerical properties of deities. Now, we live in wake of its seismic impact.

Wednesday, November 19 2014

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

Sonic Highways is based around a high-concept idea, but the result is an affirmation of the Foo Fighters' core appeal.

Monday, September 29 2014

Hudson Mohawke: Chimes EP

Ross Birchard is back with another EP, but it's not enough to fully satiate the hunger for more HudMo material.

Tuesday, January 14 2014

These New Puritans: Field of Reeds

From neo post-punk upstarts to full-blown avant garde rockers, These New Puritans have come a long way in three albums' time.

Suede: Bloodsports [18.Mar.13]
Green Day: ¡Tré! [10.Dec.12]
Green Day: ¡Dos! [13.Nov.12]
Green Day: ¡Uno! [24.Sep.12]
Bloc Party: Four [19.Aug.12]
Metric: Synthetica [11.Jun.12]
The Darcys: Aja [7.Jun.12]
Ceremony: Zoo [6.Mar.12]
Tristeza: Paisajes [21.Mar.11]
Miko: Chandelier [16.Jan.11]
Weekend: Sports [2.Jan.11]
Suede: The Best of [30.Nov.10]
Slash: Slash [12.Apr.10]
Githead: Landing [13.Dec.09]
Nouvelle Vague: 3 [29.Oct.09]


Wednesday, January 28 2015

Looking for the Girl That Meets Supply with Demand: ABC's 'The Lexicon of Love'

“Martin, maybe one day you’ll find true love." ABC's sumptuous critique of romance is a masterful blend of disco, New Wave pop, and golden age Hollywood glamor.

Monday, December 15 2014

Caught in the Machine: Nine Inch Nails - "Suck"

The nasty little piece of work that is the Broken EP ends with Trent Reznor bringing a previous side-project collaboration fully under the Nine Inch Nails umbrella.

Tuesday, December 9 2014

Caught in the Machine: Nine Inch Nails - "Physical (You're So)"

The first of two hidden tracks on the Broken EP delves into the dark past of some New Wave heroes.

Tuesday, December 2 2014

Caught in the Machine: Nine Inch Nails - "Gave Up"

As the final listed track on Broken, “Gave Up” is well-placed to serve as an encapsulation of the brief EP’s themes.

Monday, November 24 2014

Caught in the Machine: Nine Inch Nails - "Happiness in Slavery"

"Happiness in Slavery" is a standout from Nine Inch Nails' early output not for its confrontational nature, but as a showcase for Trent Reznor's acumen as a musician and a producer.

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