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Patrick Schabe
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Patrick Schabe is an editor, writer, graphic designer, freelance copyeditor, and digital content manager, depending on the time of day. He has also worked in a gas station, at a smoothie bar, as a low-level accountant, taught college courses online, and cleaned offices, so he considers his current employment a success. Under his unassumed identity, Patrick holds a BA in English—Creative Writing from Metropolitan State College of Denver and a Master of Social Science with an emphasis in Popular Culture Studies from the University of Colorado. He’s currently at work on a first novel and a non-fiction piece on cultural theory. Patrick lives in Littleton, Colorado, with his wife, Jessica, who makes everything worthwhile.


Monday, October 19 2009

Celebrating the Celebration: Music's Timeless Captivation

We will always create it, always embrace it, and always find new ways to harness its power.

Sunday, October 18 2009

Why Does PopMatters Matter?

Pop matters because it is a reflection of how we collectively assign meaning and develop cultural responses to that meaning. Magazines like PopMatters give voice to those meanings and explore the natures of those cultural responses, allowing us all to share in them, and we open the doors for all who have the talent to express those ideas.

Thursday, March 12 2009

The Joy of Sex: An Endless Smorgasbord

‘Ingredients’, ‘Appetizers’, ‘Main Courses’, ‘Sauces and Pickles’ and yet more modernized recipes. Yes, there is another brand new edition of that 1970s classic, The Joy of Sex.

Monday, November 12 2007

After the Silicon Rush

In the 20-plus years since cyberpunk threw down a gauntlet to science fiction and stormed the cultural gates, its vision has been praised, criticized, absorbed, and integrated into the mainstream. Does post-cyberpunk have something new to offer?

Monday, July 30 2007

The Boy Who Lives On: Harry Potter's Place in Popular Culture

Harry Potter flew so high in popular cultural consciousness not by some force of magic, but by the simple, sometimes thrilling machinations of pop culture.


Sunday, May 28 2000

It's All About the Pentiums

It's getting to the point where you can't enjoy a simple hamburger these days.

Thursday, March 30 2000

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Globalization?

: It's getting to the point where you can't enjoy a simple hamburger these days.

Monday, February 14 2000

In Loving Memory of the Car

: In my last two columns, I have come dangerously close to setting a trend in which I consistently attack the 'hick' culture. Not wanting to make enemies among people I don't hate, this time I'm turning the microscope on a general suburban blight of conspicuous consumption: the SUV.

Friday, December 31 1999

As Cool as Calvin

: I owe a great debt to Bill Watterson for bringing a seven-year-old boy and his stuffed tiger into my life. Calvin and Hobbes may be the best comic strip ever drawn, and even if that's debatable to the world at large, it holds true for me.

Thursday, November 18 1999

Patrick Schabe

Popping Off


Sunday, April 12 2009

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

Baker's story doesn't race towards a tense conclusion, but instead telegraphs its punches and eases into the inevitable.

Tuesday, December 16 2008

The Crow Road by Iain Banks

Banks allows images of the Scottish countryside to breathe, adding detailed colors, flowers, smells, and other textures without ever over-painting the scene.

Thursday, October 2 2008

The Wonder Singer by George Rabasa

There's something particularly pathetic about a desperate man in the throes of an existential mid-life crisis.

Wednesday, August 27 2008

The Cambridge Curry Club by Saumya Balsari

Balsari's debut novel is gratefully returned to print, allowing its diaspora tale of intertwined lives to spread out around the world.

Wednesday, June 18 2008

Lady Lazarus by Andrew Foster Altschul

Lady Lazarus is a naked lunch. The circuit is closed. The simulacrum ironically, paradoxically, signifies everything.

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Monday, January 1 2007

Editors - Remixes

Thursday, December 7 2006

Nas - Hip-Hop Is Dead

VIDEO - Damien Rice: "9 Crimes" (Mixed Media) [5.Dec.06]
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